The Football Association announced that it was able, during the past period, to run its wheel of work naturally, and intensively, through the principle of working remotely, with a visual communication system, in the framework of the precautionary measures issued by the competent authorities in the country, to confront the crisis of the emerging Corona virus (Covid) -19).

And the work of the Football Association, headed by Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al-Nuaimi, passed during this period in four stages, which started with the holding of the first meeting of the Board of Directors, after his election to the 2020-2024 electoral cycle, and the meeting was held in the open air, on the Thiyab Awana Stadium in the Federation's headquarters in Dubai, a precautionary measure While the second stage consisted of holding meetings with the competent authorities in the state, and in light of that many decisions were taken, the first of which was to hold matches without mass attendance, in addition to canceling festivals, meetings and training for all age groups, in addition to stopping the sporting activity as a whole for four weeks in consideration See from the 15th of last March.

After this period has elapsed, an evaluation of the situation will be made, along with the Federation launching several initiatives, including "Our Safety for You", which is a virtual tournament, aimed at breaking the stopping of sporting activity, that everyone is currently running the most important and most expensive tournament, which is the safety of community members.

And Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, participated in the initiative, as he joined it, through a video broadcast by the Football Association, former stars of the 90th generation, current stars, and sports and media personalities, who all broadcast positive messages to all members of society, to contribute to educating everyone about the importance of adherence With the instructions issued by the competent authorities in the state, the Football Association has also put all its facilities and facilities at the disposal of the competent authorities to confront the Corona virus.

The General Secretary of the Football Association, Mohammed bin Hazam Al-Dhaheri, told «Emirates Today»: “The measures that the Football Association carried out are carried out within the framework of the safety and protection of athletes, and all who work within this system, and despite the fact that sports activity is currently suspended, the Football Association is He continues his work on a daily basis, and all the steps taken were in full coordination and continuous communication with the competent authorities, as well as through continuous communication with the Asian and International Football Associations, by reviewing all developments, whether regarding the tournaments organized by the AFC or the joint World Cup qualifiers. 2022 and the Asian Cup 2023.

The Secretary-General of the Football Association added: “The third stage was to hold a comprehensive workshop for the clubs to inform them of all the precautionary measures and aspects followed by the federation, which is the first workshop organized by the federation for all clubs within the framework of these procedures, with the participation of all the representatives of the 31 clubs, in addition to the representatives of the councils The Sports and the Women's Football Committee for Women and Lounges, and a representative of the Federation’s Medical Committee, as well as a representative of the Professional Association, participated in the workshop on the basis that the association is a key party in the country's competitions.

He continued: «During the workshop, a review was made of the precautionary measures taken by the federation, which the clubs should take, as well as aspects related to human resources and awareness of the employees working in the football system, and the sports street was informed of all developments, in addition to communicating with the private academies registered with The Football Association and other sports institutions, to also inform them of the situation.

The Secretary-General of the Football Association pointed out that the fourth stage relates to the launching of initiatives for the committees, and all the departments operating in the union, which have come to work with the system of visual communication remotely, and said that all the committees of the federations met with this system, noting that a technical management workshop was also held, to Other workshops will be held in the coming weeks.

The 4 precautionary stages

■ held the first meeting of the outdoor board of directors.

■ Organizing meetings with the competent authorities, and taking many decisions.

■ Holding a comprehensive workshop for clubs to inform them of the precautionary measures.

Launch initiatives for committees and all departments operating in the Federation.

All the newly formed committees in the Football Association have held their meetings remotely.