Yankees Tanaka temporarily returns to Japan 17:32 on April 2 due to spread of new coronavirus infection

With the spread of the new coronavirus in the United States, Major League Baseball Yankees pitcher Masahiro Tanaka returned to Japan for a time and is now standing by at home.

Yankees pitcher Tanaka remained in the campground in Tampa, Florida, last month, following the decision to postpone the opening of the MLB and suspend the camp last month.

However, with the rapid spread of the new coronavirus in the United States, including New York, where his home was located, he returned home with his family late last month.

Commenting on the pitch, Tanaka commented, "We don't have any symptoms at the moment, but can we infect anyone without knowing it? Conversely, our family could get infected. I was afraid of the new coronavirus. "

`` Even after the suspension of the camp, living in the campground Florida, there was an event that felt danger other than the infection with the new coronavirus, so I decided to return home temporarily with due care. I explained how he decided to return home.

Immigration from the United States is required to wait at home for two weeks, but pitcher Tanaka is currently waiting at home. I want to take a certain action. "

Among the major league Japanese players, pitcher Tanaka, Yoshitomo Tsutsuka of Blue Rays and Shun Yamaguchi of Blue Jays have already returned home.

On the other hand, Angels player Shohei Otani is staying in California and making adjustments, and Cubs' Darvish pitcher has also revealed on his Twitter that he will not return as "we will remain in the United States."