The ski season ended prematurely, the legends' careers as well. Allsvenskan was postponed and NHL matches moved and at the same time IOK performed artificial respiration at the Olympics - but was eventually forced to capitulate and leave wo by 2021.

A decision made only in wartime. Then the games did not end at all.

Premier League, Damall Swede, Gothenburg Shipyard, NBA, Football European Championship and Formula 1. Nobody escaped. Yes, except for the Belarusian sport of course.

Certainly we have managed without sport before. I mean, a few hours or a weekend or so? But like this? And what really happens to sports when freedom is shut down?

Experienced legendary commentator Lasse Granqvist said in the Sports Mirror: "Sport and man have a unique ability to rise again."

So, all sports lovers out there: Lift your head, high, and be patient. There comes a day when football players film again, a hockey player screams at the referee, the women's fight for equality continues and someone who does not deserve it takes an Olympic gold.

Do you feel the emotions?

For yet another World Cup medal in orientation, home runs, a golfer wins - after the 74th attempt - finally a major title.

The punishment in the Gothia Cup final sits and dreams strike. A commentator screams furiously.

And maybe it will set a world record in pole vault. Once again.

It will be a day when everything will be as it always has been. And we will love it.