Little by little, the world of soccer is accepting the reality imposed by the Covid-19 . If the first messages that came from the highest organizations were to stop 15 days, three days at most, today, April 1, UEFA , meeting with the general secretaries of its 55 member Federations, has admitted, for the first time and although be it implicitly, the truth: professional football is not going to return, at best, until June . And all with a series of objectives, arranged in chronological order.

1. Finish the national leagues.

2. Finish the Champions and the Europa League.

3. Start the 2020/2021 season.

When would all this be? The deadlines handled by both the ECA (the association of European clubs) and the EPFL (the league association) and FIFpro (the players' union) do not contemplate in any case starting the competition, and always behind closed doors, even within less two months. The reasons, aside from the obvious, is that when normality can be recovered, and the teams begin to train, it will take at least three weeks to start playing .

Thus, the first thing that would be recovered are the national championships. For this, UEFA has agreed this Wednesday, together with FIFA, to renounce the two dates reserved for the teams in June , and it also plans to do so with the two in September. Those national championships, which have between 8 and 12 days, depending on the country (in Spain there are 11) , would be played every three or four days to finish in approximately a month and a half. Subsequently, it would be the Champions League that would conclude, possibly parallel to the 'play-offs' in smaller categories.

That would include, more or less, the months of June, July and August. By agreement, footballers are entitled to 21 days of vacation , which would be in September so that the 2020/2021 season, which will end in the Eurocup, begins during the month of October, and there are already other scenarios depending on the dates Because all the actors of this circus are open to change even competition formats to make them shorter .

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