The 24-year-old, who is 44th in the world rankings, has had long-standing problems with a back injury that hampered her. She went out in the first round of the Australian Open in January and then played three matches in Mexico in early March before the corona virus extinguished all sports. It's been everything for three months. Although there is a crisis in the world, it gives Peterson extra time for recovery and reconstruction.

- It is a good time to be completely healthy from the injury. I have had problems with my back since the beginning of the year, an inflammation that I try to get rid of. Right now, only rehab training applies. It is moving in the right direction and with rapid progress, which I am happy about. Now I will start practicing tennis soon, Peterson tells SVT Sport.

Do you feel less stress coming back considering the world situation?

- I would definitely say that. Normally, there are competitions every week and you want to be involved and you feel a certain stress, but now I try to do it at the rate required for it to be perfectly good.

Peterson won his first two WTA titles in China last fall and competed extensively, which caused tearing of the body and back problems. Instead of taking the next step, the injury problems were developmentally hampered.

"Now there are only expenses"

Has the crisis affected you financially?

- Economically it's tough, you could say I'm half unemployed. We do not play and thus there is no income. Now there are only expenses.

What happened to former coach Thomas Högstedt who quit after only six months?

- I am very happy about this collaboration and learned a lot. But we chose to go different ways.

What does it look like today on the coach side?

- I have my dad who has been my coach throughout my career so now I just run with my dad. As for the future, I have no other plans.