More and more sporting events worldwide are being canceled and postponed due to the corona virus. In this live blog we will keep you informed of all developments.

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'European top competitions completed in summer'
After the German ZDF , the Spanish AS also reports that the European top competitions (Spain, England, Germany, France and Italy) will be played next summer. The Champions League and Europa League should also be played in the summer months. UEFA has today entered into discussions with all football associations to discuss whether or not to play the European tournaments. We still have to wait for official reporting from UEFA.

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Fortuna Sittard owner Isitan Gün has developed a plan with solutions to the corona crisis. In brief:

  • End the season, no champion and no one is relegated
  • Tickets European football based on rankings, clubs that were still promising for European football share in income
  • Two clubs will promote from KKD, next year 20 clubs in Eredivisie
  • Season 2020/21 will start on scheduled dates, if virus permits

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Astana withholds 30 percent salaries
Astana deducts 30 percent of the salary from all employees of the cycling team from Kazakhstan. "We can only hope that the coronavirus will be defeated quickly and that we can focus on the races again," said sports director Alexander Vinokourov. "Everyone hands in part of their salary, we have to go through this together and everyone on the team is equally important."

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Players, staff and board Leverkusen hand in salary
Peter Bosz and his players at Leverkusen, like the club board, waive two weeks' salary. "We are unanimous in this. The team would like to donate part of the salary to support the club in the corona crisis to stay afloat," said captain Lars Bender.

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De Bruyne wants to play football for two years longer
Kevin De Bruyne (28) has realized the corona crisis that he wants to continue playing for as long as possible. "Sitting at home is really not for me, I notice that now," said the Manchester City midfielder in a Q&A with fans on Instagram. "I'm going to convince my wife that I will play football for two more years. I miss the sport and I find that difficult."

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Organization GP Great Britain will take a decision at the end of this month
At the end of April it will become clear whether the GP of Great Britain can continue on the planned date of July 19. The organization of the race, which last year attracted 351,000 visitors over an entire weekend, will then tie the knot. There are currently three previous races on the calendar: those in Canada, France and Austria.

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UEFA is currently meeting with all football associations. This journalist from the German ZDF reports that the European Football Association has decided that the Champions League and the Europa League will only be overtaken in the summer. We now have to wait for official reports.

News: @UEFA releases @ChampionsLeague und @EuropaLeague bis in July / August. All Länderspiele im Juni were ausgesetzt, wohl erst im Herbst nachgeholt. Mehr @ZDFsport @ZDF

Avatar Avatar Author Markus Harm Moment of places 13: 12 - 1 April 2020

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Marko: 'Corona camp has never been considered at Red Bull'
Red Bull chief Helmut Marko denies after previous reports that he proposed to organize a 'corona camp', where the drivers had to get infected and after the recovery could start the season immune and in top shape. "The training camp was meant to distract the young boys and keep them fit during this dull period. But deliberate infection has never been considered," Marko now tells Bild . "The interview was cut together, which made my statements appear wrong. One thing is certain: I would never send my children to war."

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After a few weeks without tennis, Robin Haase is looking for a hobby.

Someone any idea what size inline skates you should have. Equal to your shoe size or slightly smaller / larger ??? Thanks!

Avatar Avatar Author Robin Haase Moment of places 11: 25 - April 1, 2020

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The decision of the KNVB to end the amateur competitions has been hard on many. As with Eric Speelzinn, trainer of Sparta Nijkerk, leader in the Third Division. "Of course there are much worse things than this decision of the KNVB, but I have a hard time with it. The disappointment is enormous. We have all 22 duels on top this season."

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Turkish former top goalkeeper Rüstü Reçber (46) is on the mend after he was hit hard by the virus. "The first 72 hours were very serious, Rüstü had a high fever for days," his wife Isil writes on Instagram. "He had strange symptoms that I have never seen before. He suffered from fatigue and loss of appetite. But not only that. His skin turned gray, like his lips. He breathed quickly and laboriously, and the coughing did not stop. He also did not speak and had an irregular pulse. "

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Sadio Mané donates extra money for the hospital that he has built in his hometown Bambali in Senegal. The Liverpool attacker wants to help if corona patients have to be admitted.

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The Belgian top rider Philippe Gilbert had actually wanted to prepare for the Tour of Flanders this week, but he now gets at least help from a special trainer at home in Monaco: his son.

I'm very lucky to have a son who keeps track of my training! 😅

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As is known, the European Championship has been postponed for a year, but Belgian supermarkets are already full of merchandise for the tournament. Like these coke cans with the effigies of Eden Hazard, Romelu Lukaku and Thibaut Courtois.

Spotted a can in # EURO2020 packaging? Which can. The packaging was already ready before the coronaciris hit Europe. Changing now would mean destroying them, a waste we want to avoid in the current context.

Avatar Avatar Author Coca-Cola Belgium Moment of Places 17: 16 - 31 March 2020

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Schalke player Harit fined € 100,000 after 'corona party'
Schalke 04 has imposed a fine of no less than 100,000 euros on player Amine Harit. The 22-year-old midfielder and ten other people celebrated a nightly 'corona party' in a shisha bar, with which the company violated the measures of the German government.

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Horner: 'Corona camp has never been a serious option'
Team boss Christian Horner responds to Helmut Marko's bizarre plan, which Max Verstappen and other drivers wanted to infect with the corona virus. They could be treated in a special 'corona camp', after which they would be immune and fit for the rest of the year. "Helmut's plan came when the severity of this virus was far from clear. We never saw it as a serious option, as everyone quickly agreed that it wasn't going to happen," Horner told the BBC.

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Sport events in China are still banned for the time being
In Wuhan, the seat of the corona virus, the situation has been under control for some time. But China fears a second wave, mainly because infected foreigners enter China and spread the virus. Therefore, all major gatherings including sports competitions are prohibited until further notice. The government has informed the various sports federations about this.

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The organization of Wimbledon will meet today to see if the tournament can continue this year. The outcome seems to be fixed in advance and that is that the event must be postponed for the first time since World War II. Wimbledon is scheduled to start on June 29.

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Aston Villa goalkeeper Pepe Reina contracted the virus two weeks ago. He is now doing well, but he has experienced difficult moments. "The hardest part was when I noticed that I had breathing problems. For 25 minutes I was not getting any oxygen. That was also the only time I was really scared. Endless minutes of fear, as if my throat suddenly closed."

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La Liga resumes in July without audience
Jaume Roures, chairman of Mediapro, the company that broadcasts the Spanish league, expects La Liga to resume in July without an audience. If a player subsequently tests positive for COVID-19, the season will be permanently canceled. La Liga was shut down on March 10. Unlike in the Netherlands, clubs in Spain do not receive TV money if the matches are not played, so they miss out on considerable income.

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Patrick McEnroe recovered from coronavirus
Patrick McEnroe, the younger brother of seven-time Grand Slam winner John, announces that he is infected with the corona virus. The American contracted the virus about ten days ago. "Now I feel 100 percent again, fortunately I am doing well now," said the 53-year-old tennis player, who reached 28th place in the world ranking and won Roland Garros in the doubles.

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Former Marseille president Diouf dies from coronavirus consequences
Former Olympique Marseille chairman Pape Diouf passed away at the age of 68 after becoming infected with COVID-19. "We have noted with great sadness the death of Pape Diouf," reports the French club. Diouf led 'OM' from 2005 to 2009 and was the first chairman of a large dark-skinned club. He died in Dakar, the capital of his native Senegal.

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UEFA holds urgent deliberation
UEFA is holding a video conference this afternoon with all 55 Member States to discuss the current situation. It must be clear what the end date of the different competitions will be. If that is after June 30, there should also be a decision on what happens to the contracts that expire on that date.

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Novak Djokovic does not need rackets to enjoy a game of tennis at home. Two saucepans are enough.


Competition never stops 💪🏼😂 # tennisathome🎾🏠 Такмичење није престало 😂

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Union is working on a solution for expiring contracts
We are working on a solution for players whose contracts expire on June 30, such as Ajax player Hakim Ziyech. That reports players union FIFPro against various English media. Because the competitions are likely to stand still until the summer due to the corona virus, the contracts expire before the competitions are completed. Secretary Jonas Baer Hoffman hopes that the contracts can be extended until the end of the season. "We hope that there will be a collective solution for everyone, otherwise we hope that clubs will find a national solution on how best to extend the contracts."

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Players' union FIFPro: 'Continue in Belarus incomprehensible'
The international players' union FIFPro raises the alarm about Belarus, where football is played despite the corona crisis. Secretary Jonas-Baer Hoffman calls it "incomprehensible". "There are players who are concerned. Belarus is the only country in Europe where the competition will not be stopped." Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko does not take the coronavirus too seriously: he previously said that you can kill the virus by drinking a lot of vodka and he played a game of ice hockey.

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Finishing the professional competitions is becoming more difficult, but not impossible, due to the new measures taken by the cabinet. We list the scenarios briefly:

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Former number one Mauresmo: 'No tennis until there is a vaccine'
The gravel season has already been canceled because of the corona virus and Wimbledon may also suffer the same fate, but according to former number one Amélie Mauresmo, those measures do not go far enough. The former winner of the Australian Open and Wimbledon proposes on Twitter to delete the entire season. The current coach of the Frenchman Lucas Pouille does not find it useful to restart the tennis season as long as there is no vaccine. "An international circuit means players and players of all nationalities, plus their entourage, spectators and people who come from all over the world to attend events. No vaccine is not tennis," it says. Researchers expect that a vaccine against COVID-19 will not be available until next year at the earliest.

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UCI does not make any concessions in the World Cup cycling program
The International Cycling Union (UCI) does not intend to scrap parts of the World Cup in order to create space for delayed races, according to the schedule the union has just announced. The new 'mixed repayment', which is scheduled for Wednesday 24 September, will also not be dropped. Richard Plugge, director of Team Jumbo-Visma, doesn't understand that choice. "Unbelievable. Serious organizers can use that weekend of September 20 to start a race after all. Then put the individual time trial on Wednesday and skip that mixed relay," he says on Twitter. The Cycling World Cup will be held in September in Martigny, Switzerland.

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Rafael Nadal keeps up the courage and works up a sweat at home. The Spaniard calls on his followers to stay at home as much as possible.

How's everyone today? Keep fighting 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻! #yomequedoencasa #iorestoacasa #istayhome #jerestechezmoi

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Vitesse in conflict with stadium owner about rent
Due to the corona crisis, Vitesse does not want to pay the rent for the GelreDome stadium for the time being, reports magazine . The club claims to be hit hard due to the fact that there are no matches for the time being and has therefore written a letter to the owner. The owner of the stadium, Michael van der Kuit, responds furiously to the request. "Because everyone pays, only not the landlord? That is not possible. Let the Russian owner of them just pay extra."

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In any case, professional football will stand still until 1 June. What should the KNVB do with the Eredivisie and the Kitchen Champion Division?

  • Play out in the summer
  • Shut down and not appoint champions, doctoral candidates and relegants
  • Shut down and appoint champions, doctoral candidates and relegants

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Gerbrands: 'It's time for clarity'
Toon Gerbrands, general manager at PSV, is pleased that there is now clarity about the next two months. However, he hopes to hear more about whether or not the competition will continue in the summer, he responds at the Eindhovens Dagblad . "It is time for clarity. We have to wait and see what will come out of the meeting with the other European unions, and then we hope that steps will be taken soon."

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FC Emmen understands the choice not to resume the professional competitions before June 1.

🦠 | StaatHealth is on 𝟏.No professional football before 1 June. #FCEMMEN #HIERKOMIKWEG #IKBLIEFTHUUS

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Prime Minister Rutte confirmed at the press conference that the Eredivisie and the Kitchen Champion Division will not be resumed before June 1.


Rutte: 'Professional football will stand still until 1 June'

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Hockey leagues postponed again, but not canceled yet
Hockey association KNHB has postponed the restart of the hockey competition as a result of the extension of the measures to combat the corona virus. The union has not yet definitively crossed the season. "The KNHB is now investigating the possibilities of completing the competitions in alternative ways in May, June or July, or setting up other alternative (competition) formats for a shorter period of time," can be read on the site of the Union. "Our goal is, if circumstances allow in the course of May, to make it possible to play hockey for a few weeks at the clubs."

Coronavirus · yesterday at 8:25 PM

KNVB hopes to play out competitions in Eredivisie and KKD after 1 June
Although no professional football can be played in the Netherlands until at least 1 June, the KNVB does not give up hope that the leagues in the Eredivisie and Eerste Divisie can still be played this season. The federation, like the Eredivisie CV and the Cooperative Eerste Divisie, realizes that it will be a difficult story. "The permanent abandonment of the forced-ending professional football leagues also seems an option," the association reports in a press statement on Monday evening. "Nevertheless, we also try to find a way for our competitions, which fits within the frameworks that the government and RIVM determine for our country and which also fits in with what UEFA will advise tomorrow."

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Georginio Wijnaldum misses the training with 'Big Virg', Virgil van Dijk. They will probably have to wait a while before they are back on the field together.

Really missing these training sessions with Big Virg 😅💪🏾How would you do against him? #Throwback

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The KNVB also reports that there will be no final rankings in amateur football for this season, and that there will therefore be no champions, doctoral candidates and relegants. Also the cup championships are no longer played. The next season everyone starts in the same class as at the start of the current season. (2/2)

Coronavirus · yesterday at 7:59 PM

KNVB puts an end to amateur football for this season because of corona virus
The KNVB is putting an end to the amateur football of this season by extending the cabinet's measures against the corona virus, the union reports in a press release. "Today we can conclude that the competitions can no longer be played in a desired way before the start of the summer break," said director of amateur football Jan Dirk van der Zee. "Unlike the pros, there is no scenario for the amateurs to postpone the matches until after the summer break. By making the decision today, we mainly want to give everyone clarity." (1/2)

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In any case, sports accommodations are closed until April 28
Due to the extension of the government's measures against the spread of the corona virus, all sports facilities will certainly be closed until 28 April. The NOC * NSF is pleased that there is now more clarity for the coming period. "In these exceptional times, exceptional measures are needed," said managing director Gerard Dielessen. "Sport is committed to averting this crisis. We call on all sports clubs and their members to show solidarity at this time. Let us all ensure that after this crisis we are still can make full use of our unique Dutch sports infrastructure. "

Coronavirus · yesterday at 7:38 PM

Now that professional football has come to a halt until at least June 1, the KNVB has three options left for the Eredivisie and Keuken Kampioen Division:

  • Complete the leagues before June 30 (which is unlikely now)
  • Complete the competitions after June 30 (requiring authorization from UEFA)
  • Delete the competitions
  • Coronavirus · yesterday at 7:14 PM

    Premier League and Kitchen Champion Division will not resume before June 1
    The Eredivisie will not resume before June 1, Prime Minister Rutte confirms at the press conference on measures to contain the corona virus. "Unfortunately, the competition cannot start yet," said the prime minister. "This is subject to licensing and notification. That means that professional football, even without the public, will be stopped until 1 June."

    Coronavirus · yesterday at 6:31 PM

    International Kika van Es will not be stopped by the corona virus. She just continues the training at home.

    Nothing can stop me from going after my goals, Stay fit ❤️

    Avatar Avatar Author Kikavanes Time of places 18: 12 - 31 March 2020

    Coronavirus · yesterday at 6:29 PM

    What do you think the KNVB should do with the current season in the Eredivisie?

    • Play in abbreviated form until June 30
    • Finish the season, even after June 30th
    • End the season prematurely

    Coronavirus · yesterday at 6:01 PM

    FIFA puts hundreds of millions of euros in emergency fund for clubs
    If we have to believe The New York Times , FIFA is freeing up hundreds of millions of euros for a special emergency fund. The fund is intended to provide financial support to clubs that are in serious trouble due to the corona crisis. The football association confirms to the American newspaper that the emergency fund is indeed being created, but not how much money it is exactly. Earlier today we reported that the KNVB, together with ING, is setting up an emergency fund for Dutch clubs that get into trouble.

    Coronavirus · yesterday at 5:50 PM

    Emergency doctor Roos America, the wife of Club Brugge player Ruud Vormer, shows in this video what a working day in the hospital looks like during this period.


    A special look into the life of emergency doctor Roos, the strong woman behind Ruud Vormer! 👩🏻‍⚕️ 💪🏻😍 #WeNeverLockAlone #StayHome

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    Coronavirus · yesterday at 5:42 PM

    Erik ten Hag gives tips for a healthy breakfast in his own way in this video, which is shared on a parody account. He just mixes up some brand names ...


    Here is a nice tip from me to be able to properly implement all the chelges of this time!

    Avatar Avatar Author eriktenhagofficial Moment of places 19: 27 - 30 March 2020

    Coronavirus · yesterday at 17:33

    Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos shows on Instagram how he keeps fit at home.


    Workout done! ✅ Trabajo de fuerza en el gym 🏋🏻‍♂️ ✅ Series de velocidad 🏃🏻‍♂️ 💨 ✅ Zancada y velocidad con balón medicinal ⚫️💪🏻 🎶 @arceperroviejo - Amén

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