'Legend' Yang Dong-geun, the most prominent professional basketball player and MVP, has been declared retired. "It was a dream time," he said goodbye with tears.

Reporter Lee Jung-chan.


Yang Dong-geun, greeted nicely with his black mask off, hugged Yoo Jae-hak and his colleague.

[Yang Dong-geun / Hyundai Mobis Guard: It seems like a sleepy dream has passed. It wouldn't have happened without the director, coach, and colleagues.]

After joining in 2004 and playing 14 seasons only at Hyundai Mobis, Yang Dong-geun literally wrote 'Legendary' until he was 40 years old, with sincerity and steadiness rather than splendor.

Six championship championship wins, four regular league MVPs and three playoff MVPs are all record highs.

[Yang Dong-geun: Best in history? I don't think it's the best. He was a player who ran one more step and played hard.]

The number 6, inherited from the director Yoo Jae-hak, became the club's permanent number with Yang Dong-geun's number.

[Director Jae-hak Yoo / Hyundai Mobis: I think Donggeun is the best even if he is consistently the best, the best, and considerate.]

Yang Dong-geun commemorated his friend Chris Williams, who passed away three years ago.

It was regrettable to end the league early, saying he was trying to play his last match with his back number.

[Yang Dong-geun: (Williams No.) I wanted to run with the 33rd time, but thank you So Much My Brother. (Thank you very much, Williams.)]

Yang Dong-geun said he would do his best and prepare for the second act of life as a leader.

(Video coverage: Panoramic view, Video editing: Young Taek Oh)