Ozeki Asanoyama's first training after promotion `` I do not change my mind '' for the summer place March 30 11:33

Asanoyama, who was promoted to Ozeki as a sumo wrestler, conducted his first training in Tokyo after the promotion, greeted him as a new Ozeki, and expressed his ambition for the summer place in May, "I want to take my sumo without changing my feelings." Did.

Asanoyama received 11 wins in the spring, held in Osaka without any audience, following his sumo wrestling with his specialty "Right Four" in response to the spread of the new coronavirus this month. Was promoted to Ozeki on the 25th of this month.

On the 30th, Asanoyama first practiced as Shin-Ozeki in the Takasago Room in Sumida-ku, Tokyo, and stretched the lower body and both arms carefully.

In addition, he moved his body lightly, mixing with the young people, such as stepping on his stomach about 80 times.

Asanoyama said, "I have realized that I have come to this position again. I want to be a targeted and respected Ozeki. I want to build my body firmly in May." did.

The summer venue for the new Ozeki will be the first day at the Kokugikan in Ryogoku, Tokyo, on May 10, but due to the spread of the new coronavirus, the Japan Sumo Association is discussing the treatment.

Based on this situation, Asanoyama said, "We can't help but care. We want to rehearse for the May place without changing our minds. We just take out our own sumo wrestling." .