The signing star Harry Kane, who led the attack with Son Heung-min in the English Premier League Tottenham, directly revealed the possibility of transfer and hinted at the breakup with Tottenham.

Kane loves Tottenham, who has been together for 16 years in a question-and-answer through SNS, but he publicly announced that he is an ambitious player who wants a championship cup and can leave if the team does not develop.

From the Tottenham Youth Team, Kane joined Tottenham in 2009 and has been a major striker since 2015, becoming the Premier League scorer in the 2016-2016 season.

Kane, who received $ 200,000 a week and about 290 million won of our money, left the contract with Tottenham for four more seasons, but refused to re-sign for reasons of winning, and this was the case.

Tottenham haven't been able to lift the last trophy to win the 2008 League Cup.


Spanish sports stars such as Rafael Nadal, the second-largest male tennis player in the world, and Pau Gasol, a newcomer to the NBA in the United States, are raising funds to overcome Corona 19.

Spanish media reported that "Nadal and Gasol announced their willingness to overcome Corona 19 by raising 11 million euros and about 14.8 billion won through social media."

Spain, with more than 78,000 confirmed cases, is the second-largest victim in Europe after Italy.


The spread of Corona 19 delayed all table tennis international competitions in the first half of this year.

The International Table Tennis Federation says it has decided to postpone indefinitely all the tournaments scheduled for June 30th.

The World Table Tennis Championships, which were scheduled to open in Busan, Korea on the 22nd of this month, were also postponed once in June, and held again later this year.