Sharjah professional player, Uzbek Shukurov, posted a video on his account on "Twitter" and "Instagram", while reviewing his technical skills in controlling the ball through training at home, considering that the real challenge is to provide assistance and feel the suffering of the poor and needy, while Shukurov appeared in Another video announces that it is providing food aid to poor people in his town in Uzbekistan, and the first aid included 60 families, to alleviate their suffering in the face of the emerging corona virus (Covid-19).

Shukurov announced that the aid to his townspeople from the poor will continue, asking them to stay in their homes, and the aid will reach them to face the current conditions that the entire world is going through. Shockorf hoped that the habit of helping the poor and needy would spread among all athletes, and that they would contribute to helping society with the good that God had bestowed upon them.

Shukurov indicated that he is very happy with the joy he witnessed on the faces of the poor as they receive this aid from their town's son, and this is the height of happiness for him.

Shukurov is a key player in the Sharqawi team.