The Football Association launched a new initiative, titled "Our Safety for You", in the context of its "keenness on community participation in the country to confront the emerging corona virus, known as" COVID19 ", and contributing to educating all members of society, citizens and residents, of the importance of adhering to instructions issued by the authorities. The competent authority in the country, in order to preserve public safety and enhance societal prevention methods to limit the spread of this virus.

The Football Association decided to stop all local tournaments until next April 15 as an initial date, and then evaluate matters, in order to ensure the safety of the players, the public and all workers in the tournament.

A press release said: “The initiative comes in light of the cessation of football activity in various countries of the world, whether the club tournaments or the national teams that were postponed, as the Football Association was keen to create a virtual tournament, during which everyone urges to unite and stand as one class to achieve the title of this tournament , Which is the safety of all members of society. ”

Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, President of the Emirates Football Association said: “In light of the cessation of football activity, we are all now engaged in the most important and most expensive tournament, which is the safety of community members, as it is the true tournament that we all strive to achieve, because of its great importance to humanity in this difficult time "The world is living in light of the spread of the Corona virus."

Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al-Nuaimi added: “The UAE is making great efforts to confront the crisis of Corona locally and globally, through a package of initiatives, decisions and precautionary measures, under the direct supervision of the rational leadership of our dear country, which is sparing no effort to help the affected countries through medical supplies, relief equipment, etc. , In a gesture that embodies the meaning of humanity. ”

Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid called on all athletes to participate in the initiative in various social media platforms, through the hashtag # Our Championship_ Your Safety, through short video messages, and urged the community to adhere to instructions, practice sports at home, and follow proper prevention methods, confirming its confidence that everyone According to the responsibility, which will help to overcome this crisis and return life to normal. In addition to Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, a number of sports officials in the country participated in the initiative, the stars of the national team in the World Cup 90 and the present generation, as well as the media, sports commentators and influential sports figures who sent positive messages to members of society in various ways. For his part, Assistant Secretary General of the General Authority for Sports Affairs, Abdul Mohsen Al-Dossari, expressed his happiness to participate in this initiative that embodies the meaning of true communication between athletes and members of society, and urged them to adhere to the instructions, indicating that the role of athletes is very important at this time, because they have Positive and strong impact on the community members.

In contrast, the former World Cup referee, Ali Bujsim, praised the ideal handling of the Football Association with the current health conditions the world is going through, and its taking a number of important decisions, the foremost of which is suspension of football activity, indicating that the safety of members of technical and administrative bodies, players and all concerned More important than any tournament in any competition.

In turn, the member of the Federal National Council, Adnan Al Hammadi, emphasized that such initiatives that carry positive and awareness messages in a concise manner enhance the culture of community members on how to deal with the current health conditions, and comply with the directions of the competent authorities.

The most expensive championship

The leader of the Al-Wahda Club and the national team, Ismail Matar, stated that he has fought many championships and scored many goals, but he is currently running his most expensive tournament, which is the safety of community members, stressing that he is seeking with the rest of his colleagues to contribute to achieving the title of this tournament.

For his part, Al-Ahly Youth Club player and the national team, Walid Abbas, called on all his fellow players to follow a sports program, eat healthy meals during this period, and adhere to the instructions, so that they are ready to return to the stadiums once this health crisis is over.