Temporary suspension of team activities from professional baseball Rakuten today March 30 5:19 due to spread of infection

In response to the spread of the new coronavirus, Rakuten, a professional baseball player, temporarily suspended the team's activities from the 30th and instructed players and coaches to refrain from going out of hurry.

Rakuten has been coordinating in Sendai, where both the first and second armies are based, as the opening of the season has been postponed.

However, the team's activities will be temporarily suspended from the 30th to prevent transmission to the team due to the infection of the new coronavirus by the Hanshin players and the discovery of a new infected person in Sendai City on the night of the 29th. It was decided.

It meant that the first and second army coaches and coaches, as well as all players, staff and team personnel, were to be present at home and instructed to avoid unnecessary emergency outings.

In addition, the grounds and training facilities of the baseball team, such as the home base of Rakuten Life Park Miyagi and indoor practice ranges, will be closed for the time being.

The period is undecided. Rakuten says, "For those who are looking forward to the opening, we want to work together as a team during this difficult time."