The New York Knicks NBA club announced that its owner, businessman James Dolan, had a new Coronavirus, becoming the first large American club owner to undergo a positive examination.

The club explained that Dolan, 64, who also owns the New York Rangers team, who participates in the NHL Ice Hockey League, was subjecting himself to domestic quarantine, and that the symptoms that appeared on him were "few."

The basketball league competitions were halted earlier this month, after Utah Jazz French player Rudi Goubert was recorded as "Covid-19", followed by his colleague, Donavan Mitchell, in addition to a number of other players in several teams.

At least three players were announced this week, including Gobert and Mitchell, the Christian Wood of the Detroit Pistons.

The hockey league competitions also stopped indefinitely, in light of the stalemate imposed by "Covid-19" on all sports activities in various countries of the world, including the United States.