Earlier this week, French Sports Minister Roxana Maracineanu suggested that an alternative to save the competition June 27-July 19 is to run it without crowds. You would then follow the competition via the television broadcast.

It is not appreciated by some of the stage organizers.

- Although the pictures on TV are beautiful, even if it makes you want to visit the site, it would completely ruin the experience. It would not be the same, says Stéphane Villain, vice mayor of Châtaillon-Plage, who will have stage eleven, to Cyclingnews.

The Olympic location in the calendar is free

Given that the window at the Tokyo Olympics, July / August, has become vacant, some other proposals come. It hails from ideas in the recreated sports landscape during the corona pandemic.

- Given the postponement of the Olympics, new opportunities open up. Why not postpone the tour until the end of July? asks Daniel Spagnou, mayor of Sisteron, who hosts stage three and four.

CLIP: President hopes for the Tour de France for women (March 3, 2020)

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The President hopes for the Tour de France for women