Chinanews client March 29th. A few days ago, a well-known British publishing house published a children's book called "When I Grow Up-Sports Heroes", telling how children Inspirational story of growing into a world sports superstar. The story of Chinese female lineup leader Zhu Ting has also been included. Together with Zhu Ting, there are also sports stars such as Messi, James, Bolt, Baiers, Yusheng Knot.

It is reported that this book is issued for children. The whole book uses a combination of painting and text to introduce the inspirational growth history of sports superstars in various countries.

The book's testimonial reads: "How did kids become sports superstars? Find the answer in this inspiring book. Have your kids open the pages of their books, like their heroes, their current experience and passion Can bring incredible achievements. "

As can be seen from the picture, Zhu Ting's comic image jumped onto the paper. At the same time she was included in this book with world famous stars such as football superstar Messi, basketball superstar LeBron James, gymnastic queen Byers, sprint trapeze Bolt, figure skating prince Hanyu.

Data picture by Zhu Ting in the game by Tang Yanjun

As the captain of the Chinese women's volleyball team, Zhu Ting led the team in recent years to consecutively win Olympic Games, World Cup and other championships. Zhu Ting himself has repeatedly won MVP awards.

It is worth mentioning that compared to football and other sports, volleyball is not popular in the UK. The only time a British volleyball team appeared at the Olympics was as host to the London Olympics 8 years ago. (Finish)