Client, March 29th. According to local British football media reports, the FA, the Premier League official and the English Football League are discussing the possibility of a restart of the season. A plan starts in July and will take 4-6 weeks to Complete the season by air court, but only if the epidemic situation no longer continues to deteriorate.

Data Map: Liverpool players celebrate

It is reported that all the current focus is on finding a way to complete the season to avoid the potential impact of unfinished matches, including the loss of hundreds of millions of pounds of revenue for each club. Earlier, the Premier League official has stated that the league will not restart before April 30. The report believes that due to player health and safety considerations, the league is expected to be further delayed until the crisis is over.

The report also said that some insiders of some Premier League clubs in London stated that they have not received clear recommendations from the governing body for future directions and plans, but they are clear that so far there is no question as to when British football can be restarted answer. All clubs hope that the game will return soon, but all this must wait until the health concerns about players, staff and their families have disappeared.

The report also revealed that during a conference call on Saturday, the parties reached a plan to complete the season in July. Unless the British epidemic situation worsens, the game will be held in an open field within 4 to 6 weeks. Other potential measures include cancelling cup rematches, or even canceling tournaments such as the League Cup directly.

In the current Premier League standings, Liverpool leads with a huge advantage of 25 points, and there is almost no suspense in winning the league title. (Finish)