Five citizen players participated in the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championship, whose activities were held at the Dubai Duty Free Stadium in Dubai, and in the qualifiers for the FIDCAP World Tennis Championship for women as the first time soccer collectors at the level of citizen players, in a move aimed at developing tennis In the state.

A press release said: “This early experience came to encourage the practice of tennis in the country since childhood, and is part of the Emirates Tennis Federation program, headed by Sheikh Hasher Al Maktoum, to explore talents and support their continuity as players and players for the future, by having a core for a team of balls collectors to contribute their role during the organization The major tournaments in the country, and in line with what is being applied in the various tournaments in the world ».

The statement said: “The players who were involved as ball collectors in the two championships are: Marwan Nasser Al Marzouqi, Mohamed Fouad Al Marzouqi, Abdullah Ishaq Al Marzouki, Saif Salah Thalak, Sarah Salah Thalak and Mohamed Yasser Al Marzouki.”

"In preparation for their participation in the two championships, they participated in a qualifying session organized by the Clark France Academy in Dubai, which included more than 120 players from the ages of cubs and juniors."

In this regard, the Secretary-General of the Emirates Tennis Federation, Nasser Al Marzouqi, stressed that the involvement of young players from young talents in such courses by giving them a role in the task of the balls collectors, is part of the Federation's organizational and development management plans, and that the main goal of it is to increase the number of players who practice Tennis, stressing that it contributes to spreading the culture of practicing tennis as a sport in the early ages, because it loves to play the game among young people, and leads them to continue its competition later, noting that the application of this experience has returned to the union with good gains, revealing that most international players in the world have already performed The task of the ball collectors.