At the beginning of February, Celta received Sevilla at Balaídos with the need to win to start escaping from the bottom of the table. He started losing, but came back in 13 minutes with goals from Iago Aspas ... And Pione Sisto . The Danish, son of a refugee couple from the Second Civil War of South Sudan , spiritually 'returned' to Celtic during the first weeks of 2020 after a time of ostracism, caused by his misconduct, his oddities, his diet based on fruit, its distance from the locker room and, most importantly, its very poor level on the field of play.

Iago Aspas himself , in an interview after the match against Sevilla, recognized Pione's 'madness': "He goes upside down in the world. He only needs to take the wheel to the other side. He does everything backwards . He is a young boy, he is away from home, almost always alone ... he eats different foods from others. When he eats another he eats breakfast. He still can't eat until the game. At the moment he only eats fruit ... strange things that go through his head. he hardly ever goes out partying, nor does he have a drink when we go to dinner. It's weird . "

Sisto became a fixture in Vigo during his first seasons, but as time passed and the level of the team fell, his mentality did too. The solitude of his apartment in Galicia , which only his brothers approached from time to time, made him start trying things that were little recommended for a professional athlete. In May of last year and without the club's permission, he began a 21-day diet eating only fruit. The result, dire.

" I came to lose control and I thought I was going to go crazy by delving so deep inside me. You realize several things, the experiences you go through, you discover what you believe in and what you don't, the smell is accentuated , the touch, the taste, "explained the player on his Instagram account. " I started to go a little crazy, " he admitted.

A year after the 21 days of fruit and a couple of months after his important goal against Sevilla, at a time when he had become a fixture for Óscar García , the coronavirus arrived. The pandemic has caught Pione alone, again. His sister came at the beginning of the epidemic so that the footballer did not feel alone, and after several weeks of confinement, both decided to leave Vigo, Pione without permission from the club, and start a 3,000 kilometer journey by car to Denmark , since Government-imposed prohibitions in the state of alarm could not travel by plane. When he arrived in his country, he informed the Vigo club, according to 'Deportes Cope Vigo'.

At Celta they have not wanted to make statements and have let it slip that they will resolve the situation "privately", as many other times with Pione Sisto.

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