Beach soccer referee Ibrahim Al-Mansoori announced his retirement from refereeing after a long march that started in 1998, culminating in refereeing four World Cup championships and winning the Sports Innovation Award.

The decision to retire comes after Mansouri was chosen as a member of the new referees committee of the Football Association.

Al-Mansouri told «Emirates Today»: “I am satisfied with myself, and I feel very happy for the role I played during my stadiums in terms of beaches and lounges before I ruled football in grass fields, and I am proud to be the only Emirati and Arab referee who has been found in four World Cups And he directed the final of the 2017 World Cup, which was held in the Bahamas.

Al-Mansouri added: “It is time to retire, and the UAE has developed beach soccer all over the world, and I am proud to receive the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award for Sports Innovation in 2018, as the best citizen referee after leading the final match of the Bahamas Beach World Cup.”

He continued: «The state contributed to a great quality transfer of beach soccer in the world, by taking advantage of the tournaments that were organized by the Dubai Sports Council, especially its annual organization of the Intercontinental Championship, as well as the World Cup, and the various types of tournaments, and reflected significantly on the beach ball in the UAE and Asia in a distinctive way, Noting that he is proud that he personally is one of the gains of the Emirates role in international beach soccer.

He continued, "I took this decision with great conviction that I have provided everything that can be done in the service of beach ball and before it in grass and futsal courts, and to leave now the opportunity for other new referees to take their role in the stadiums," offering his thanks to everyone who supported him in his arbitration mission throughout his career That spanned nearly 22 years and witnessed his presence in four World Cup tournaments, in addition to being judged for the final match in 2017.

It provided everything that could be done in the service of beach ball .. and my decision with great conviction.