On Sunday, SVT Sport was able to reveal that Stina Nilsson is abandoning cross-country skiing in order to invest in biathlon and yesterday Expressen reported that three more star riders are considering leaving the national team after dissatisfaction with the training program.

These are just a few of the winter's headlines around the cross country team, which started last spring when Rikard Grip was fired as national team manager, Johan Sares left the job as longitudinal manager and Urban Nilsson ended up as the running mate.

Jonas Peterson, who took over as head of length, was fired after four months and only in January 2020 was Daniel Fåhraeus presented as new head of length.

Nilsson admits that the stormy year affected her.

- It has been a very turbulent year. It all started in the spring when there were many important people in the national team who did not stay. I didn't think it would affect that much, but it may have affected the whole, she tells SVT Sport.

However, she emphasizes that it was not what made her change sports.

- It's not what got me into biathlon, but it's been a genuine interest in me.

Stina Nilsson on the biathlon initiative: "The end goal is the World Cup"

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Stina Nilsson trains biathlon Photo: SVT