After the Tokyo Olympics, fin deer will be removed from the program. Now Salminen gets an extra year in the cure and purely sporting comes the big challenge only after the Olympics.

- It will be difficult for anyone who will change class after the Olympics, now to catch up with it in just three years. But that's a concern I get after the Olympics, Salminen says, laughing.

The prevailing world situation, where the corona virus paralyzed an entire world, has contributed to the postponement of the Olympics from 2020 to 2021.

- It's a strange feeling. After all, we have been in the final stages of this four-year build-up. Now you should try to land on some sort of marching again.

Salminen has an Olympic gold in a star boat from London, 2012. Now he is competing in potty dinghy and the idea was that Salminen would be at camp in Spain, but instead he stays at home in Sweden and does much of his training in the gym.

- Many of the competitors are behind locks and booms, basically at home in their houses. Here in Sweden, things normally go on. It brings with it an injustice if we were to squeeze in an Olympics this year.