While the opening of professional baseball is being delayed without delay, each team broadcasts its own practice game on the Internet to quench their fans' thirst. The reaction is really hot.

Reporter Sunghoon Lee.


The audience seats in Jamsil Stadium were empty, but the relay cameras chase the play of Doosan players.

Casters and commentators hold the microphone and raise their voices as hard as they do.

Doosan FC used five cameras to broadcast its own blue and white battles online.

Today (23rd) was the second broadcast, and it received an explosive response by surpassing 100,000 users on the portal site and YouTube.

[Director Kim Tae-hyeong / Doosan: Since Doosan fans are very curious, I think that there is no problem for the fans (broadcasting), and I think they (the players) are doing their best by focusing on the game.]

It was a practice game, but the players did their best as they did in the real game.

Kim Kang-yul, who was a big success at the end of Doosan two years ago, was injured and climbed to the mound of Jamsil Stadium in one year and five months, blocking 1 inning with no points and making Doosan fans more happy.

In the broadcast of Hanwha's practice game, the leader of the commentator, Min-cheol Jung, directly caught the microphone.

[Jung Min-cheol / Hanwha General Manager: Because it is a practice game today, '10 hitters' has appeared on the team.]

Most clubs are broadcasting their own practice game once every two days on the Internet to relieve their fans' thirst.

Last night, professional soccer teams met fans with online games instead of ground.

[Lee Jin-hyun / Daegu Midfielder: Penalty! Penalty! Penalty!]

One player from eight teams participated in the online soccer game tournament, and Seongnam, who played goalkeeper Jeon Jong-hyuk, defeated Gyeongnam and won the championship.

(Video coverage: Kim Heung-ki, Video editing: Young-taek Oh, Screen provided: Spokado)