Yankees Tanaka "I can't help it" March 16 12:18

Major league pitcher Yankees, Masahiro Tanaka, responded for the first time after the opening of the major league due to the spread of the new coronavirus on Tuesday, according to the press, `` I can not help it because other sports were also so I think. "

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection in North America, the Major League has decided to postpone the opening scheduled for March 26 and cancel the open game, and camps for each team have also been suspended.

On the 15th, pitcher Tanaka, a campsite in Tampa, Florida, practiced 25 pitches with a bullpen as voluntary training.

After the postponement of the opening was decided, pitcher Tanaka, who first responded to press reports from Japan and the United States, said, "I thought there was no other sport, so I think we can't do it. Is also important. "

As for how to make adjustments in the future, he said, "I don't know at this time. The situation has changed day by day and I don't know what will happen in the future."

Tanaka will keep making adjustments while maintaining his physical condition in case the opening date is decided.