The vast majority of foreign and domestic leagues have, as a result of the spread of the corona virus, announced that they are either shooting or canceling the season. But the Football Hall Swede, who starts April 4, has left no message.

- Right now applies as of April 4, but for every minute that goes, everyone realizes that it is becoming an increasingly tougher hope that we can play then. Tomorrow and next week we will have meetings with our clubs, partners and supporters to see what alternatives we have if it is not possible to play with the public on April 4, says Swedish Elite Football (Sef) general secretary Mats Enquist in Sportspegeln.

What are your options?

- The first alternative is to postpone the start date for the most important thing right now is this pandemic, and sometimes we forget that we are engaged in sports even though it is very important for many. In this case, however, human health is more important. But the whole football has ended up in a fantastic way.

When do you have to make a decision?

- I would say that we need to give a message on Thursday or Friday, but I think it will be very difficult for all parties to ask if there is a change.

Planning for games

Both SHL, SSL and the elite series in the band have played without audiences this past week. If it is an option for the football hall Swede, Mats Enquist does not want to answer.

- First, we need to get a check on this issue of pandemics, because it's the one who governs. Then games with or without audience at the stand are not primary. Obviously, if there are conditions, we want to play in front of the audience. Now, I think that safeguarding human health is a much bigger issue than the sport itself.

What do you say about playing football during the winter season?

- We are turning on all stones right now. We want a season to be played, and it's number one and it's all agreed. Exactly what the alternatives are, we must return to. At the end of the week, I hope we have a message, he says and continues:

- Right now we are planning for games in Allsvenskan and primarily if we can move forward the season.