The global sports community is accustomed to the injuries of players in the well-known concept and stopping them from carrying out their tasks in the stadiums, but the suspicious and unprecedented thing is the successive injuries caused by the "Corona virus" endangering their lives and those around them.

Yesterday was the "curse of injuries", which could be compensated by other players. As for the "curse of corona", it is not possible with it to continue the sporting life as normal, no matter how organizations, federations and ties try to reduce the matter. The total number of injured people in the country to more than 15 thousand injuries, according to the Italian Civil Protection Agency, and the death toll from the disease reached 1016 deaths.

Corona is running fast and rolling on the soccer fields until a statistic has been formed with the injury of about 12 injuries among the well-known athletes, most notably Arsenal coach Mikel Artita and Juventus stars Paulo Dybala and Danielle Rogani, which caused the European Union "Wifa" to postpone all the matches of the two Champions League competitions Europe and the European League, and the local ties of the major leagues in the old continent announced the postponement of their championships after most of them had continued in the last period without an audience.

European clubs rushed to isolate all players, as did Juventus, Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Chelsea and others.

While Corona scored one death among the athletes, the Iranian national football team in the halls was inspiring a sheikh, more than 10 athletes, most of them players, were injured in the green rectangle, monitored by "Emirates Today" as follows.

List of injured athletes so far:

German player Hannover Timo Hoppers.

The owner of the Greek Olympiacos Club Evangelos Marinakis.

Ajax Amsterdam assistant coach Christian Poulsen.

Italian Regiana defender Alessandro Vavalli.

- Former star of the Danish national team, Thomas Kallenberg.

- Real Madrid basketball player Tri Thompkins.

Spmodoria Italiano Manolo Gabbini.

England and Chelsea player Calum Hudson Udoy.

Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta.

- English club Bournemouth Artur Borock.

Juventus defender Daniele Rogani.

- Juventus star, Paulo Dybala.