IOC Chairman March 12 19:27 without mentioning "pandemic"

IOC = International Olympic Committee chairman Bach entered Olympia, Greece, where the torch of the Tokyo Olympics will be lit on Monday, saying WHO = World Health Organization's recognition that the new coronavirus is a pandemic. "We are committed to the success of the Tokyo Olympics," he told NHK and did not mention it.

IOC Chairman Bach said he was planning to enter the local city of Olympia, Greece, on the 11th of the day before the torch ceremony for the Tokyo Olympics due to the spread of the new coronavirus, but changed the schedule to 12 local time. I arrived there on the morning of the day.

On Wednesday, WHO Secretary-General Tedros of the World Health Organization stated that the new coronavirus could be said to be a pandemic, indicating that it was a global pandemic, and how it would affect the Tokyo Olympics. , President Bach's remark has been noted.

"On this day, I am very happy to be here to light the torch. We are devoting ourselves to the success of the Tokyo Olympics." Just mentioned, did not mention the pandemic.

President Bach will attend and give a speech at the torch ceremony, which will take place at 6.30 pm Japan time.

The fire ceremony is held in an unusual manner, such as to reduce the number of participating IOC personnel and prevent the audience from attending to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.