Liverpool goalkeeper Adrian Spaniard has been threatened with death by social media activists after his terrible performance in the face of Atletico Madrid in the second leg of the Champions League final.

Adrian, who substituted for injured Brazilian goalkeeper Alison, committed a disastrous gaffe by accidentally passing the ball to Spaniard Marcos Llorente, who launched a counterattack and scored the first goal for the Atlante in the match that ended with the victory of the Spanish team 3-2.

It seems that Adrien felt the size of the "disaster" he committed and resorted to his Twitter account to apologize indirectly for the error "very sad and upset about the outcome of yesterday's match, certainly not what we expected, thanks to all the fans that supported me, we have a great goal to achieve this season Liverpool always comes back. "

#Adrian #Liverpool #LIVATM #CHAMPIONSxESPN silly mistake goalkeeper Liverpool #Athletico

- King Grace (@Eliyauhu) March 11, 2020

After this tweet, some Reds fans launched a landslide attack on the Spanish goalkeeper, amounting to his death threat and wishing his death:

- "Get out of my team, who rejected you and Westham."

- "Your mistake was very expensive."

- "If you have a bit of morality, you should not play again with the Liverpool jersey, tear your contract and we do not want to see you again in the club jersey."

- "You must die."

- "I wish Adrian died."

- "Adrian ... I hope your family dies of fire."

- "After this match, Adrian deserves stoning to death, which is disgusting."

- "Adrian bears full responsibility for the loss, the keeper of the biggest club in England and the best in the world right now and who makes this childish mistake."