Speed ​​Skating Expectation 19-year-old Chung Jae-won won his first gold medal at the World Cup Final Mass Start. During the PyeongChang Olympics, I was faced by the pacemakers, and now I am the strongest in the world.

I am reporter Ha Sung-ryong.


Jeong Jae-won waited for his time in the mid-low-level group until the last minute.

After three wheels, Verhsma of the Netherlands took the lead and speeded up, and began to chase.

After going to the second corner of the last corner, he crossed the finish line to the first place with his whole body spurt on a straight line.

0.06 seconds was a thrilling reverse electrode.

Jung won the world's first place in the final tournament of the season, raising the world ranking to third place.

[Jeong Jae-won / Speed ​​Skating National Team: I wanted to stand in the first place every time, just 2nd and 3rd, and I feel more joyful and exciting than ever.]

It was literally a championship.

At the age of 17, two years ago at the PyeongChang Olympics, Jung Jae-won, who helped Lee Seung-hoon's race, had to go through the so-called 'wind screen' that actually gave up his race for his senior gold medal.

After only two runner-ups in the international competition for the next two years, he stopped at the summit, but with the World Cup Final, he took off the 'Facemaker' tag and flew brilliantly.

(Video Editing: Woo Ki Jung)