China News Service Client, March 7th. The Qatar Women's Doubles Table Tennis Championship was born on the 7th. Following the elimination of the Japanese strong players Kagawa Ishikawa / Hirano Miyu in the semi-finals, the national table tennis combination Wang Manyu / Zhu Yuling finished with a 3: 1 (11: 4, 7:11, 11: 8, 11: 9) defeated another pair of Japanese combination Kihara Miyu / Nagasaki Miyu, this is also the first championship produced in this competition.

Picture source: ITTF official Weibo

Under the epidemic situation, there are teams temporarily retiring in this match, and the main focus is on the China-Japan matchup, especially in the women's doubles match. At present, the Japanese women's doubles are the main opponents of Guoping in the international arena. Several pairs have the strength to impact Olympic medals.

In the semi-finals, Wang Manyu / Zhu Yuling defeated the Japanese group Kasumi Ishikawa / Hirano Miyu by 3: 2, and their final opponent was another pair of Japanese groups Mihara Kiyo / Nagasaki Miyu. Kihara Miyu / Nagasaki Miyu won the finals and the World Youth Championship in last year's women's doubles, and also beat the world champions Wang Manyu / Sun Yingsha, now ranking first in the world.

At the beginning of the game, Wang Manyu / Zhu Yuling played more actively, scoring 4 points after 1: 1 to take the lead. After 8: 4, Wang Manyu / Zhu Yuling scored 3 consecutive points and won the first game with 11: 4.

In the second round, Mihara Kiyo / Nagasaki Miyu scored the first point, and Wang Manyu / Zhu Yuling scored 3 points in a row to lead 3-1. Kihara Miyu / Nagasaki Miyou was in a disadvantage in the process of stalemate, but Wang Manyu made several mistakes that should not be made. After 6 draws, Mihara Kiyoshi / Nagasaki Miyu added changes to the serve, scoring 3 points to lead 9: 6, and pulled back a game with 11: 7.

In the next two games, the double-doubles were stalemate until the end of the game. More experienced Wang Manyu / Zhu Yuling went down the two cities with 11: 8 and 11: 9, and finally defeated the world's number one Kihara Miyu / Nagasaki Miyu by 1: 1 to win the women's doubles championship. This is also the first championship of Guoping in this tournament. (Finish)