Professional baseball open game 6 games result March 1 20:47

Six professional baseball open matches were held.

[Nippon Ham vs Orix]
Nippon Ham won 7-3.
Nippon-Ham has raised the status of No. 4 with two hits including a home run for the first time in the open game.
Martinez, the starting candidate, had two runs four times.

Orix, 19-year-old Gibo, aiming for the first opening army, also showed rapidity in two hits.
Tajima, who pitched for the second time, was crisp with five runs.

[Giant vs Yakult]
Yakult won 3-2.
Yakult was sticky with one goal after Ogawa pitched five hits and hit six.
Veteran Sakaguchi showed the best hits and the finish with two hits in the first place.

The giant pitched Togo for the second year aiming for the opening rotation, hit five times and made two good runs with two runs.

[Lotte vs. Rakuten]
Lotte won the goodbye 3-2.
Lotte had a good finish with both starting pitchers Nishino and Futaki pitching three runs with one goal each.

Rakuten pitched well, with pitcher Wakui taking four hits, two hits and one strikeout, six strikeouts.
I needed 72 balls and the number of balls, but there was a changing ball since I drove in.

[Chunichi vs. Hiroshima]
Hiroshima won 8-2.
In Hiroshima, rookie Morishita pitched three times with one hit, no goal.
The hit line was also strong with 13 hits and 8 points, and Daiki Takahashi, who participated on the way, ran a home run for two consecutive bats and a long hitting power.

On the middle day, the rookie pitchers Okano and Hashimoto were both stable and had no run.

[Seibu vs. DeNA]
Seibu won 3-1.
Seibu's starting candidate, pitcher Matsumoto, hit five times and three hits, showing no goal and perfect finish. I took 5 strikeouts by 2 times using the curve effectively.
Aito also made a timely two-base hit and appealed to the establishment of one army.

Rookie pitcher Sakamoto, who is aiming for the starter, threw three times and got five hits and three runs.

[Softbank vs. Hanshin]
SoftBank won 4-1.
Softbank's sixth year Kurihara hit a lively solo home run.
Moore, who pitched for the first time in Japan, had no run-off once around the fastball.

In Hanshin, the starting candidate pitcher pitched three times, two runs by a two-run home run, and it was a reasonable content.