Major league open game Darvish first pitch 2 times 1 goal March 1 21:35

Major league cubs pitcher Darvish pitched for the first time in the open game on the 29th, losing two times and losing one goal. "I was well controlled and was thrown at a powerful ball," said Darvish.

Cubs' third-year pitcher, Darvish, has been a potential opener this season and has climbed the mound for the first time in an open match against Brewers in Mesa, Arizona on the 29th.

Darvish pitched the fastball once in the middle of the left to the lead batter, and allowed a first-run start with a home run. I took a strike out of the curve.

Two hits were made from the 1st out to the 6th batter, but the 7th hit the ball with a fastball and the 8th hit the short goro with the fastball and gave no additional points.

Darvish pitcher threw two rounds, two hits and one goal, and three strikeouts.

Mr. Darvish recalls his first battle this season, "I felt nervous since I got up in the morning because it will be a different world from the world I usually see."

As for the content of the pitching, he said, "I made a home ball with a fastball that I had set aside, but after that the fastball was running and sharp, and I was able to throw a powerful ball with good control." I spoke with a convincing expression.