The picture shows the Burj Khalifa, Dubai's iconic building, with a total height of 828 meters, 162 floors, and a cost of $ 1.5 billion.

Chinanews Client Beijing, February 29th (Wang Sishuo) The domestic epidemic of new crown pneumonia is endless. The new season of the Chinese Super League is in the foreseeable future, but the teams have not slowed down their winter training, and preparations are in full swing. In the selection of training sites, the team heading to Dubai, UAE, occupied half of them. Even the Chinese men's football national team has set the assembly place for the new round of the world's top 40 Asian preliminaries. Located in the far west of Dubai, it has become a football training ground.

Some people may find it strange that the image of Dubai in the eyes of the world has been equated with oil, finance and luxury hotels. The shopping paradise of the local tyrants, aren't beautiful women with luxury cars, spending money like running water? How inexplicably linked to football ... Speaking of which, as a city with a lot of land and gold, Dubai is indeed in the forefront of the hardware configuration of sports training. Looking at the sports world, the business card of Dubai's winter training "holy place" is known.

This winter, more than half of the Super League teams headed to Dubai winter training, including the 2018 Super League champion Shanghai Port. Image source: Shanghai SIPG Club Official Micro

Chinese Football Overseas Training "Base"

Looking back, Kunming and Haikou are popular choices for domestic "old-fashioned" winter training. Among them, the sea slug training center occupying the altitude advantage of the plateau became the sacred place of Chinese football in the A and A era. However, Dubai, which is thousands of miles away, has also been listed as the "training base" for Chinese football. Before the Asian Cup in Qatar early last year, the national football team had conducted long-term training there. Affected by the epidemic, most of the Super League teams have "consciously" gone abroad for isolation, and Dubai has once again entered the field of vision of fans.

According to the original plan, the schedule of the Super League and AFC Champions League in the new season should have started this month. After the extension, the Super League team facing no ball to kick had to find a warm-up opponent for themselves in order to pull the state full before the season. It is reported that in the next month, nine clubs including Evergrande, Guoan, Shanghai Port, Shenhua, Suning, Luneng, R & F, Sweeney, and Yongchang will gather in Dubai, and it is likely that they will have some warm-up matches. Some fans dubbed it the "Super League Preseason".

Chinese football team official Wei revealed that the national football team will go to Dubai for assembly recently. Weibo screenshot

Recently, the national football team that was involved in the controversial vortex due to a new list of candidates will also be assembled in Dubai in batches. Some of them are currently participating in the local winter training with the team. Therefore, it is planned to officially complete the "team" The Chinese men ’s football team will most likely have a warm-up match with some Chinese Super League teams to practice tactics on behalf of the game. The training and preparation for overseas trips, because of the special characteristics of Dubai, has also provided more convenience for Chinese football in the "extreme period".

Stronger than the "king of heaven" also love this place?

Don't think that only the green field is popular in Dubai's sports world. Look at the "bright stars" hidden in the gym. On New Year's Eve, football superstar Ronaldo used the short winter break on his trip to Dubai. As everyone expected, he would never give up training while traveling. In the gym, he and Djokovic, one of the three men's tennis giants, met. The video of the two training together caused a heated discussion on social media.

Cristiano Ronaldo meets Druid in Dubai and trains together at a local gym. Network video screenshot

If the encounter between the two was just a coincidence, then looking back at the long-term winter break in tennis, 23-year-old Russian star Kachanov also positioned his winter trip in Dubai, while WTA famous Romanian Halep The winter training also ends here. During a business event, Halep said that he "has spent a very hard time but had a lot of time" and expressed his nostalgia for Dubai.

not enough? Then add another Federer. "Swiss King", who will turn 39 this year, recently bought a mansion in Dubai for $ 8.7 million. During the winter break, he finally lived in his house while training and preparing for war. Maintaining a certain amount of training while others are resting is Federer's coup against age. In the past few years, Dubai has been a fixed option for his winter training program.

The Chinese Super League team has previously exchanged skills with each other in Dubai, each with its own victory. Weibo screenshot

What are the advantages of the winter training "holy place"?

Attracting sports forces from all walks of life here, Dubai naturally has its own unique characteristics. In the competitive field, it is usually impossible to avoid the winter break. At this stage, as an athlete, training becomes the main theme, but under the attack of a long season, the fatigued state also needs to use rare off-season time to relax and adjust. 25 degrees north latitude and a tropical desert climate make Dubai's winter more comfortable than the northern hemisphere. The temperature is constant at 15-25 degrees, which is perfect for athlete training.

However, climatic conditions alone are not enough to help Dubai gain favor from all directions. Looking at China, Kunming, Hainan, Xiamen and other low-latitude cities also meet the team's preparation requirements. At the beginning of the year, the new crown pneumonia epidemic began to emerge. Two Tianjin Super League teams arrived at the Kunming Red Tower Center. Henan Jianye. Wuhan Zhuoer went to Guangzhou and Hebei Huaxia Happiness Xiamen to set up camp ... But by contrast, most teams are still willing to increase their expenses and move to distant Dubai.

Dubai's venue conditions and hardware facilities are first-rate. Screenshot source: Jiangsu Suning Club official micro video

Behind the many choices, it is also easier to explain why the winter training "holy place" Dubai is popular-the local perfect training facilities and professional venues obviously have fared away from other competitors in terms of hardware. Take the well-known Kunming sea slug training base in China as an example. In recent years, it often snows in winter, and the turf quality of the stadium cannot be compared with the warm Dubai. The facilities of Hongta Base are relatively complete, but the limited reception capacity of Wanghu Hotel in the base has become a constraint.

In contrast, Dubai's famous Nader-Sheba Sports Center is the pinnacle of the city's sports hardware facilities. This winter break, Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal have all chosen to train here. According to the official introduction, this site has a high-altitude room, a climate room, a swimming pool, a low-temperature greenhouse, a real-time data performance laboratory and a full set of medical facilities. It is also equipped with masseurs and physiotherapists. The supporting indoor facilities cover many projects and are very close to the center of Dubai. Training in such a high-standard venue feels self-evident.

Shanghai Shenhua arrived in Dubai at the beginning of the month to start the first phase of winter training, and now it is entering a new training session in nearby Abu Dhabi. Weibo screenshot

Of course, the specifications of the facilities are often proportional to the cost. For many small and medium clubs, it is not necessary to use the Premier League standards to require themselves. The level and conditions of local sports training venues in Dubai are relatively high. With more degrees of freedom.

At the same time, most of the team's winter training has to go through a long period. The simple team training is too boring and it is impossible to test the effectiveness of the training. Winter training hot land Dubai's excellent facilities and venues, attract more teams to patronize, and also create favorable conditions for each team to communicate with each other. Such as the "Super League warm-up match" in the mouth of fans, it is not difficult to operate. Relying on the existing foundation, Dubai has formed a set of virtuous circle "system" that belongs to them only, but the doorway should be learned by the outside world. (Finish)