Losc players in training at the Luchin domain - FRANCOIS LO PRESTI / AFP

  • Losc is without doubt one of the most closed Ligue 1 clubs.
  • Since the start of the season, the northern club has only opened one training session for its supporters.
  • Calendar, weather, terrain, the club explains its choice with several arguments.

To live happy, live hidden. This adage, Losc cultivates it to perfection. Fourth in Ligue 1 at the time of going to Nantes on Sunday (3 p.m.), Lille is undoubtedly at the bottom of the ranking regarding the opening of its training sessions to the public. Since the start of the season and unlike last year when it opened for all school holidays, the northern club has only allowed its supporters once (October 31) to come and see its idols train.

By way of comparison, FC Nantes, its weekend opponent, has opened its sessions to the public four times in the past two weeks. In Marseille, public training organized on February 24 at the Vélodrome stadium even welcomed 3,500 spectators. So why such a culture of secrecy for a simple football training? In Ligue 1, only the PSG and its stars of a completely different caliber than the northern players are more closed.

Lille justifies the absence of public training due to the weather

For explanations, there is no point in looking for results because the Losc has been shining in Ligue 1 for two seasons. And if the excuse of the busy calendar with the Champions League could hold in the first half of the season, this is no longer the case since January. There remains the climatic joker. Contacted, the Losc assures besides that "the weather conditions are not good in February, reason for which we had to cancel twice these trainings open to the public during this same winter period".

The northern club also uses the Luchin field of honor argument, the only place in the area with a platform that can accommodate spectators. "The lawn is very busy with the matches of the women, the U17, U19 and the National 2 team".

Supporters between indifference and fatalism

So much for the justifications that do not bother many people anyway. Many supporters pretend to be polite indifference. "This is not really a subject," recognizes François Stock of the Mastiffs of the Net. "It's a shame for young people during school holidays but objectively, there is not really any question on this subject."

In a club as closed as a safe at the Banque de France, it is above all fatalism that is in place among fans of the Lille club like Johnny. "It's been a few years that it's like that. What is certain is that we do not see many players. The only time we see them is at the stadium. It's very complicated. I don't find it logical, it's better when there are contacts. It can sometimes happen that players respond to us on social networks, but that's it, ”says the supporter.

Fortunately, the club specifies that training open to the public is already planned in six weeks for the Easter holidays. Unless the weather gets mixed up by then…


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