Good afternoon and welcome to the Formula 1 live blog on My name is Patrick Moeke and today I will keep you informed of all developments at the last test day at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

  • Last test day
  • Verstappen runs in the afternoon
  • Albon damages car
  • 2 pm - 6 pm:
  • Afternoon session

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Formula 1 · a few seconds ago

Another 1 hour and 25 minutes - Bottas clocked the fastest time of the day on the C5 tire. With 1.16.226 he is half a tenth rapper than the fastest time of Ricciardo this morning. Bottas is two tenths faster than Verstappen, which runs harder tires on two compounds.

Formula 1 · 6 minutes ago

Another 1 hour and 30 minutes - Verstappen (C3) is approaching the fastest time of Ricciardo to one and a half tenth! And to be clear: Ricciardo clocked that time on the much faster C5 tire.

Formula 1 · 8 minutes ago

1 hour and 31 more minutes - Verstappen is now driving outside on the C3 belt. Is there still a time improvement for the Dutchman to come?

Formula 1 · 13 minutes ago

Another 1 hour and 37 minutes - Ocon goes around the Barcelona-Catalunya in 1.16,433. Good for fourth place and only one and a half tenth slower than teammate Ricciardo.

Formula 1 · 15 minutes ago

Another 1 hour and 40 minutes - There is still a number of drivers who will take action on the soft tire. Esteban Ocon goes on the softest C5 rubber to hunt for the time of teammate Ricciardo.

Formula 1 · 28 minutes ago

Another 1 hour and 52 minutes - A promising time from Max Verstappen, which is only half a second slower than the fastest time this morning. And that while he drives on tires that three compounds are harder. Moreover, the course is also considerably slower (colder and stronger wind) than it was this morning.

Formula 1 · 34 minutes ago

Another 1 hour and 59 minutes - And suddenly there is Max Verstappen. On the hard (!) C2 band, he clocked 1.16.805. That is by far his fastest time of this test winter.

Formula 1 · 37 minutes ago

2 hours left - Valtteri Bottas climbs to seventh place on the soft C4 tire on the times list. His 1.16.873 is not particularly impressive.

Formula 1 · 39 minutes ago

Another 2 hours and 2 minutes - Valtteri Bottas starts a fast lap on the soft C4 tire. Can the Finn attack the top time of Daniel Ricciardo?

Formula 1 · 41 minutes ago


Albon: "It all looks very good for Melbourne"

Formula 1 · one hour ago

And there are also problems with Haas. Magnussen is keeping aside a coupling problem for the time being.

Car is back in the garage as the crew work on an issue with the clutch.🔧 We're working hard to get back out there. # HaasF1 # F1 Testing

Avatar Author Haas F1 TeamMoment of places15: 47 - 28 February 2020

Formula 1 · one hour ago

Another 2 hours and 18 minutes - Red Bull seems to have solved the brake problem on the RB16. Verstappen is on the road again.

Formula 1 · one hour ago

2 hours and 22 minutes left - The ranking per team based on the number of rounds:

  • Ferrari - 136
  • AlphaTauri - 126
  • McLaren - 115
  • Mercedes - 114
  • Alfa Romeo - 110
  • Haas - 101
  • Renault - 97
  • Racing Point - 94
  • Williams - 81
  • Red Bull Racing - 68📸
  • Formula 1 · one hour ago

    Another 2 hours and 44 minutes - Max Verstappen is struggling with a brake problem , Red Bull Racing confirms. The Dutchman has only completed eight laps today. This morning Red Bull also lost an hour of tracktime due to a spin from Alexander Albon.

    Formula 1 · 2 hours ago

    The state of affairs after five hours of testing:

  • Ricciardo (C5) - 1.16.276 - 65 rounds
  • Leclerc (C5) - 1.16.360 - 108 rounds
  • Hamilton (C5) - 1.16.410 - 90 rounds
  • Pérez (C3) - 1.16.658 - 65 rounds
  • Sainz (C4) - 1.16.820 - 88 rounds
  • Russell (C5) - 1,116,871 - 74 rounds
  • Kvyat (C4) - 1.16.914 - 101 rounds
  • Grosjean (C4) - 1,117,037 - 86 rounds
  • Räikkönen (C5) - 1.17.415 - 86 rounds
  • Bottas (C3) - 1.17.438 - 10 rounds
  • Ocon (C3) - 1.17.785 - 23 rounds
  • Albon (C3) - 1.17.803 - 59 rounds
  • Verstappen (C2) - 1.18.261 - 9 rounds
  • Magnuses (C3) - 1.18.460 - 15 rounds
  • Formula 1 · 2 hours ago

    Another 3 hours and 13 minutes - The Red Bull mechanics buckle Verstappen in his car. The eight-time Grand Prix winner will be on the road again in the short term.

    Formula 1 · 2 hours ago

    Another 3 hours and 21 minutes - Verstappen got out of his car again. The Red Bull engineers are busy working on the RB16. This does not necessarily mean that he has a technical problem. It may also be normal for the mechanics to change the setting of the car.

    Formula 1 · 2 hours ago

    Another 3 hours and 24 minutes - After two rounds, Verstappen returns his car to the pits. He didn't put down time.

    Formula 1 · 2 hours ago

    Another 3 hours and 26 minutes - And there is Max Verstappen! The Dutchman is sending his RB16 onto the asphalt for the first time today. He has taken the hard C2 band with him.

    Formula 1 · 2 hours ago

    Horner: "We will not cause any damage in Zandvoort"
    Red Bull team boss Christian Horner says that his team will not cause any damage during the visit of the racing stable to the Dutch Grand Prix in Zandvoort. Max Verstappen's team boss responded to the controversial beach route that his team may use at the beginning of May. "We will ensure that everyone can get to the circuit safely and on time, without causing any damage or disturbance." (1/2)

    Formula 1 · 2 hours ago

    Horner announced today at at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya that he was not yet aware of concrete plans to enter the circuit during the Grand Prix. "But we know it will be a busy race. Half of the Netherlands will be there that weekend. Maybe we will run," says the Brit, who is preparing for the Formula 1 season with Max Verstappen's team. Zandvoort receives the royal class of motorsport on 3 May. (2/2)

    Formula 1 · 2 hours ago

    3 hours and 45 minutes left - No action at Red Bull Racing, which lost an hour of track time this morning due to the slider of Alexander Albon. It is possible that Red Bull is still working to repair the damage to the car.

    Formula 1 · 2 hours ago

    Esteban Ocon takes over the wheel of Daniel Ricciardo. The Australian was surprisingly the fastest this morning.


    Final session or # F1 Testing underway, @OconEsteban at the wheel! #RSspirit

    Avatar AuthorRenault F1 TeamMoment of places14: 09 - 28 February 2020

    Formula 1 · 3 hours ago

    4 hours left - The final hours of the test winter will start. The session will resume.

    Formula 1 · 3 hours ago

    At 2 pm the light turns green for the last test afternoon of the winter season. Four new drivers will be in action compared to the morning:

    • Max Verstappen (Red Bull, replaces Albon)
    • Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes, replaces Hamilton)
    • Esteban Ocon (Renault, replaces Ricciardo)
    • Kevin Magnussen (Haas, replaces Grosjean)

    Formula 1 · 3 hours ago

    The fastest times in combination with the tires used.

    Lunch break @ Circuitcat_eng # F1 Testing ... but the clouds seem to be rolling in! Will these be the quickest times we see today? ☁️

    Avatar Author Pirelli MotorsportMoment of places13: 18 - 28 February 2020

    Formula 1 · 3 hours ago

    All figures from the last test morning in a row:

    MORNING SESSION = DONE ✅Here is the final classification from Friday morning 👀Just one more session of preseason testing coming up - and it's on the way after the lunch break! # F1 Testing # F1

    Avatar Author Formula 1Moment of places13: 06 - 28 February 2020

    Formula 1 · 4 hours ago

    FINISH (morning session) - And this ends this test morning . A summary:

    • For the first time in this test winter we have seen several teams riding on the softest C5 tire at the same time. Daniel Ricciardo is the best, because the Australian is clocking the fastest time.
    • Alexander Albon came into action on the soft C4 band for the first time, but did not make a best impression. In his third round, Max Verstappen's teammate spins off the track, after which he has not driven. Red Bull has therefore lost an hour of track time.
    • The test day will resume at 2 p.m. When Red Bull has repaired the RB16, Max Verstappen comes into action.

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