Professional boxing game canceled or postponed from 28th February 19:15 with new virus

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus, professional boxing has decided to suspend or postpone all matches from 28th to 31st of next month.

As the spread of the new coronavirus continues, Prime Minister Abe expressed his desire to stop or postpone or reduce the size of large-scale sports and other events over the next two weeks, shortly afternoon.

In response, the JBC = Japan Boxing Commission and the Japan Professional Boxing Association discussed on the 26th, and decided to suspend or postpone professional boxing games nationwide from the 28th to the 31st of next month for more than a month. Decided and requested each box office manager.

According to the JBC, there were 16 performances nationwide during this period, with about 130 matches, including 10 title matches.

In addition, eight games are planned on the 27th, but since the weighing of the players has been completed, we took measures to prevent infection, such as distributing masks at the venue and canceling the sale of tickets on the day. It is to carry out in.

According to JBC Secretary General Tsuyoshi Yasukawachi, "As long as the government has a strict policy, we will give priority to publicity in accordance with it."

On the other hand, amateur boxing has decided to cancel both the national high school selection tournament and elementary and junior high school tournaments scheduled for next month.

According to the Boxing Federation, `` We are fully aware that this is an important tournament for high school students and elementary and junior high school students, but due to the flow of people due to the event, the event itself may be a source of infection, and Done. "