Olympic marathon national selection race reduced in scale to go on February 26 at 22:18

The Japan Athletics Federation is planning to hold a major reduction event for the Tokyo Olympics, such as the Tokyo Marathon on the 1st of next month, at a scale that has already been announced, and at a greatly reduced scale.

As the spread of the new coronavirus continues, Abe said on Thursday that it would request that sports events and other events be discontinued or postponed or reduced in size for the next two weeks or so.

Regarding this, the Japan Federation of Federations is planning to implement the Tokyo Olympics, including the Tokyo Marathon on the 1st of next month, the Nagoya Women's Marathon on the 8th of next month, and the Lake Biwa Mainichi Marathon.

The reason is that the Tokyo Marathon and Nagoya Women's Marathon do not involve general runners, significantly reduce the size of the tournament and limit participation to invited players, etc., and call on self-restraint to watch the roadside. He says that the scale has already been significantly reduced.