In the aftermath of Corona 19, the opening of professional football was postponed indefinitely. Other sports are all-stop sports, such as playing spectators or discussing venue changes.

I am reporter Ha Sung-ryong.


The Professional Football Federation decided to hold an emergency board and postpone the K-League scheduled for this weekend indefinitely.

Three days ago, we only delayed the two opening games in Daegu and Gyeongbuk, but decided to postpone the opening of the game when the crisis alert was upgraded to a "severe" stage.

The opening day will be discussed once the corona spread has subsided.

Delayed matches will be played during the A match, but we are also considering reducing the league if the corona is prolonged.

[Lee Jong-kwon / Professional Football Team Leader: (Future) There are observations that it seems to be around 7-10 days. With this in mind, we need to keep an eye on it and talk about it.]

The schedule for the football convention is also hampered.

Right now, he is reluctant to hold a venue in Yongin, where the women's soccer Olympic qualifiers are scheduled to be held on the 6th of next month.

It is difficult to guarantee the World Cup second qualifying game of Turkmenistan scheduled for next month.

Indoor sports ahead of postseason are also an emergency.

Professional volleyball is scheduled to play spectators today, and the curling playoffs to be played without a crowd were postponed indefinitely.

Busan, the host city of the World Table Tennis Championships, which is scheduled for next month, is calling for postponement.