Next month's World Cup table tennis in South Korea is canceled and may be relocated, table tennis association ITTF announced on Tuesday. It is the umpteenth sporting event that is being bothered by the COVID-19 corona virus.

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The tournament in South Korea, the country where the corona virus is currently spreading very fast, may be postponed to June. Both the Dutch women's and men's teams participate in the World Cup.

In recent weeks, the corona virus has already led to more discomfort in the sport. For example, in South Korea and Italy, where the virus is also causing panic, football matches were canceled.

In addition, the Formula 1 race in China has already been moved, the Formula E weekend in the country has not been canceled at all, the Chinese tennis players have withdrawn from the Davis Cup and are standing in the cycling behind the classic Milan-San Remo question mark.

There is still little control over the corona virus, which broke out in China and is now causing problems worldwide. On Monday afternoon the counter stood at more than 79,000 infections and more than 2,600 deaths.



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