Major League Reds Akiyama hit in first open game February 24 11:15

Shogo Akiyama, who has transferred from professional baseball Seibu to the Major League Reds, played for the first time in an open game held in Arizona on the 23rd, hitting the first at bat with three hits and one hit.

Akiyama, who has the record for the most hits in professional baseball season, signed a three-year contract with Reds last month and has been camping in Arizona since the 18th.

Akiyama made his debut in the open game against White Sox on the 23rd at No. 1 Center for the first time.

In his first at-bat, Akiyama competed with four-winning pitcher Dylan Sheath last season, catching his second 157-km fastball and hitting the center.

Reds fans applauded Akiyama who suddenly gave the result in the lead batter.

In the second at bat, he also played against Sheath pitcher and had a chance of two-out first base and second base, but fell to second goro.

The 4th at-bats were also 1-out, 1-base, 2-base and played against the third pitcher.

Akiyama was replaced after this, with three hits and one hit.

Akiyama said, “I was nervous from the morning, but I was cheered by the cheering and I got a good experience. I hit one hit, but I was not satisfied with the at-bat, so the shape and result I wanted was I want to make adjustments to get out. "