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Ajax player Van de Beek hits the bar against Heracles


Good afternoon and welcome to our live blog about this Eredivisie Sunday! In this live blog you can read all about the developments of the four games this afternoon.

  • Program:
  • LIVE:
  • Heracles-Ajax 0-0
  • Results:
  • Utrecht-Twente 2-1
  • Vitesse PSV 1-2
  • AZ-PEC 2-0

Heracles Almelo-Ajax · a few seconds ago

41 'And another chance for Ajax. Lisandro Martínez was completely free from a corner, but the left foot only hit the ball halfway through and couldn't take Heracles's goal under fire with conviction.

Heracles Almelo-Ajax · one minute ago

It is certainly a lively first half at Heracles Almelo-Ajax. It is mainly due to the attackers of both clubs that there has not yet been scored in the matte Erve Asito.

Heracles Almelo-Ajax · 2 minutes ago

39 'Out of the blue Heracles is pushing Almelo again. Cyriel Dessers with another opportunity imposed just before the goal of André Onana, but he does not get his foot behind a ball that has jumped up.

Heracles Almelo-Ajax · 6 minutes ago

35 ' Lat! It is not going well for Ajax now. Donny van de Beek skittles the ball onto the crossbar. Janis Blaswich has only heard the commitment of the 22-year-old midfielder.

Heracles Almelo-Ajax · 7 minutes ago

34 'Janis Blaswich keeps Heracles Almelo going. The goalkeeper turns a Nicolás Tagliafico header from a corner.

Heracles Almelo-Ajax · 8 minutes ago

33 'Sergiño Dest finally shows a flurry of his attacking class. The nineteen-year-old right back dribbles past his attacker and releases a good cross towards Ryan Babel, who just can't touch him.

Heracles Almelo-Ajax · 10 minutes ago

32 'Perr Schuurs starts walking with the ball comes to the edge of the penalty area of ​​Heracles Almelo. The tall defender also immediately tries his luck, but his shot sails high over the Heracles goal.

Heracles Almelo-Ajax · 13 minutes ago

28 'There Ajax is once again close to the opening goal. Dusan Tadic gets some space and sends a sensitive cross ball to striker Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, but the pass is just too hard and a prey for Heracles goalkeeper Janis Blaswich.

Heracles Almelo-Ajax · 16 minutes ago

25 'The game in Almelo has stopped for a while due to an injury treatment for Heraclied Mohammed Osman. The question is whether the home club midfielder can continue.

Heracles Almelo-Ajax · 19 minutes ago

23 'Ajax is getting away very well there. Perr Schuurs mows the ball after a cross from the left flank of Heracles Almelo and as a result the ball rolls to the feet of top scorer Cyriel Dessers, who finds goalkeeper André Onana on his way.

Heracles Almelo-Ajax · 21 minutes ago

Ajax seems to be getting a bit stronger in Erve Asito and forces Heracles into the reverse. Does the team of coach Erik ten Hag also know how to express the superiority in the score? In any case, Dusan Tadic points his sights to the front.

Heracles Almelo-Ajax · 23 minutes ago

18 'Two big chances for Ajax in a row after the loss of Heraclied Kiomourtzoglou. Tadic finds Babel, who fails to pull the trigger in a busy penalty area. Ryan Gravenberch sees his bet being taken off the line in the wake.

Heracles Almelo-Ajax · 25 minutes ago

17 'Ryan Babel gets the laughers on his hand in Almelo. The winger cuts and turns, shakes some scissors and then pulls the trigger. The ball goes fast against the billboards, ten meters beside the goal of Heracles goalkeeper Janis Blaswich.

Vitesse-PSV · 26 minutes ago

Faber: 'VAR decisions need to be faster'
PSV trainer Ernest Faber believes that the decisions of the VAR take too long. "If it can go a little faster, the schwung stays in. Now it takes so long. Nowadays you have to say: I will be home half an hour later. I understand that it is necessary. We now benefit once don't complain about today, "he says after the win against Vitesse (1-2). "The VAR is good, only it needs to be improved that it becomes even fairer. Then all parties are satisfied."

Heracles Almelo-Ajax · 28 minutes ago

13 'Heracles Almelo comes out twice dangerous through club top scorer Cyriel Dessers, but in both cases Ajax can clean up on time. It is not really running with the team from Amsterdam in the early stages of the match.

Heracles Almelo-Ajax · 30 minutes ago

A rare statue from Erve Asito so far. Heracles goes on the attack via Mauro Junior and shows Ajax player Donny van de Beek his heels.

Heracles Almelo-Ajax · 36 minutes ago

5 'The proportions of the afternoon emerge early in Erve Asito. Ajax dictates the game and lets Heracles follow the ball. The Almeloërs make a zealous impression on their own artificial grass.

Heracles Almelo-Ajax · 42 minutes ago

Kickoff! The ball rolls in Erve Asito, which also has a lot of wind. Heracles Almelo-Ajax has started.

Heracles Almelo-Ajax · 42 minutes ago

Klaas-Jan Huntelaar is still sucking from a water bottle. Can Ajax's maestro work on his goal production against Heracles Almelo this afternoon?

Heracles Almelo-Ajax · 44 minutes ago

The players of Heracles Almelo and Ajax enter the artificial turf field in Erve Asito. Is the home club a job for Ajax, or can the team from Amsterdam enlarge the gap with pursuer AZ to six points?

Heracles Almelo-Ajax · one hour ago

Ten Hag: 'Ziyech can be used for a return against Getafe'
Erik ten Hag gives more clarity at FOX Sports about the injury of Hakim Ziyech. The playmaker is missing at Ajax for the duel with Heracles Almelo due to calf complaints. "Thursday against Getafe it went well, but not well enough to play the next game." Ten Hag expects Ziyech to be available again on Thursday for the return against Getafe in the knock-out phase of the Europa League.

Heracles Almelo-Ajax · one hour ago

The look in the Eredivisie is going slowly on Ajax. The team from Amsterdam started warming up for the Heracles match on the Almelo artificial grass. How does trainer Erik ten Hag's team react to the thrust that Getafe handed out last Thursday in the knock-out phase of the Europa League.

Heracles-Ajax · one hour ago

Ajax is preparing for meeting Heracles (4.45 p.m.). Now that AZ has won against PEC, the difference is just three points. Do the Amsterdammers make six points again?


Way That way to the pitch! 🏃 #heraja

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AZ-PEC Zwolle · one hour ago

AZ thanks to penalties along PEC Zwolle
AZ is reducing the gap with leader Ajax to three points for now. The Alkmaarders win 2-0 in-house thanks to two utilized penalties by Teun Koopmeiners. The AZ captain will be given the opportunity from the penalty spot before the break, but will meet the outstanding PEC goalkeeper Michael Zetterer. In the second half referee Kamphuis points twice to the spot and Koopmeiners Zetterer sends in the wrong corner. Ajax will play against Heracles Almelo later today and can put AZ back on six points.

Vitesse-PSV · one hour ago

PSV reverses the gap in Arnhem and wins for the third time in a row
PSV has booked the third consecutive victory in a row in Arnhem. The Eindhoven team came 1-0 behind thanks to a goal by Tim Matavz (after a blunder by Daniel Schwaab), but thanks to a good penalty kick by Sam Lammers and a nice shot by Cody Gakpo, PSV eventually won 2-1. Because of the loss, Vitesse hands over the sixth place to FC Utrecht. PSV is fourth, four points behind Feyenoord.

Vitesse-PSV · one hour ago

Past! PSV wins in Arnhem.

Vitesse-PSV · one hour ago

90 + 5 'Corner Vitesse.

Vitesse-PSV · one hour ago

90 + 4 'Indirect free kick Vitesse! Unnerstall takes too long to take out. Makkelie is inexorable and therefore gives an indirect free kick on the edge of the sixteen.

Vitesse-PSV · one hour ago

90 + 3 'Pasveer comes forward again, but the free kick comes in the hands of Unnerstall.

AZ-PEC Zwolle · one hour ago

90 'Referee Kamphuis adds another four minutes to Alkmaar.

Vitesse-PSV · one hour ago

90 + 1 'Pasveer comes forward with a corner kick. He even gets the ball, but slips away at the assumption. Otherwise he could have taken it out. Moments later, an attempt by Tannane ends up in the hands of Unnerstall.

Vitesse-PSV · one hour ago

90 'There are four more minutes in Arnhem. Will Vitesse still manage to make a point?

Vitesse-PSV · one hour ago

90 'What a huge chance for Tim Matavz to score the equalizer! He gets the ball from Grot on a silver platter, but he kicks wildly beside the goal.

AZ-PEC Zwolle · one hour ago

88 'Boadu leaves another dot of a chance unused against PEC Zwolle. The AZ striker will only go to PEC goalkeeper Zetterer and will hit the German's foot.

AZ-PEC Zwolle · one hour ago

AZ plays the match against PEC Zwolle professionally and is on its way to a welcome three point in the title match with Ajax. The arrears on the Amsterdam team, who will meet Heracles Almelo later today, is now virtually three points.

AZ-PEC Zwolle · one hour ago

77 'Bram van Polen is pushing Teun Koopmeiners into the boarding. The AZ captain feels his limbs for a moment and can continue the match.

AZ-PEC Zwolle · one hour ago

75 'There it is almost 3-0 for AZ. Calvin Stengs curls the ball towards the intersection, but the goalkeeper of PEC Zwolle narrowly overlooks the ball.

Vitesse-PSV · one hour ago

76 'Another fifteen minutes of football in Arnhem. Vitesse tries to push, but has not created a big opportunity for a while.

AZ-PEC Zwolle · one hour ago

69 'A big chance for AZ on the 3-0! Dani de Wit is found in the depths by Stengs and heads for Zetterer, but waits too long and then hits the goalkeeper.

Vitesse-PSV · 2 hours ago

70 'Tannane shoots from a free kick.

Vitesse-PSV · 2 hours ago

PSV celebrates 2-1 for Cody Gakpo, his sixth goal this season. Last week he also scored against ADO.

AZ-PEC Zwolle · 2 hours ago

The moment that Koopmeiners gives AZ a 1-0 lead. It is now also 2-0 for the Alkmaarders against PEC Zwolle by the same Koopmeiners. We're in the 65th minute ...

Vitesse-PSV · 2 hours ago

64 'GOAL PSV! 1-2

Cody Gakpo makes a nice hit from just outside the box! The ball enters via the post. PSV completely turned the game around in a few minutes.

Vitesse-PSV · 2 hours ago

62 'Dumfries hits the ball with his arm in his own penalty area, but no action is taken. Vitesse claims a penalty, but the team does not get it.

AZ-PEC Zwolle · 2 hours ago

60 'GOAL AZ! 2-0

Two out of three for Koopmeiners! The midfielder chooses the same angle as with the 1-0 and sends Zetterer the other way.

Vitesse-PSV · 2 hours ago

60 ' Lat! It is almost immediately 2-1 for PSV. Gakpo hits the bar from close range.

AZ-PEC Zwolle · 2 hours ago

60 'Penalty AZ!

That is penalty number three in Alkmaar! Stengs is brought to the ground by Kenneth Paal and so Kamphuis whistles for the third time for a penalty.

Vitesse-PSV · 2 hours ago

59 'GOAL PSV! 1-1

Sam Lammers hits the spot from eleven meters! He slides the ball in the right corner. Pasveer went to the other corner.

Vitesse-PSV · 2 hours ago

57 'Penalty PSV!

Obispo brings down Dumfries in the penalty area, which lies down easily. The VAR takes a look at it.

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