Major League Raiz Tsutsuka and Reds Akiyama Hitting practice against pitcher February 20 14:18

Rays' Yoshitomo Tsutsuka and Shogo Akiyama of Reds, who will play this season in the Major League, practiced batting against major League pitchers for the first time at the camp.

Tsutsuka, who transferred from professional baseball team DeNA to Raise, immediately competed with the two starting pitchers in Raise in batting practice on the second day of camp-in on batting practice.

In the first batter's box, Tsutsuka competed with Glasnow, who had won 6 seasons last season, struggled with a fastball throwing from a height of more than 2 meters, the second ball was a second goro, the third ball was empty and the last seven balls The eyes were not hits, such as fouls.

In the second batter's box, he faced pitcher Cyrinos with nine wins last season, catching the first ball and hitting a hit ball in the middle right.

Tsutsuka said, "It was still the second day of the camp, so I felt quite fast."

Akiyama, who transferred from Seibu to Reds, also practiced batting against major league pitchers for the first time on the second day of camp in Arizona.

Akiyama played against pitcher Gray, who has won 11 seasons last season, but he finished three times before hitting the fourth ball and fouled the last ball.

Akiyama said, "It was better to see a good pitcher's ball and feel the changing ball than a good or bad one."