Major League Mariners Kikuchi Throwing convincing to batter opponent February 20 13:42

Major league pitcher Yusei Kikuchi of the Mariners pitched against a batter for the first time at a camp in Arizona on the 19th, and did not allow hitting hit against five players.

The Mariners' camp started in Arizona on the 13th of this month, and the second year pitcher Kikuchi practiced pitching against batters on the 19th.

Kikuchi pitched in this day's practice against two right batters and three left batters, throwing 27 balls in total, and did not allow hitting.

Kikuchi has been working on improving the release points since the last season, there was some variation.

After pitching practice, Kikuchi pitcher said, "I'm strong when there is a batter, but I thought I'd make sure that I came off. I tried all the ball types and I thought there were a lot of balls that I could understand." I looked back.

On this day, pitcher Yoshihisa Hirano, who plays in Mariners from this season, also throws his batter for the first time and throws 25 balls against four players.

Hirano pitcher was hit in some hit situations, but he said, "Throwing to the batter opponent will make the condition of the game mode." Mariners will enter the open game this month.