The Algarve Cup in Portugal will be played on March 2-11 and Sweden will start against Germany on March 4.

Today, the first national team squad of the year was presented and no direct rattles were taken, but Linköping's defense veteran Nilla Fischer was missing.

- We have a dialogue, but the last she played 90 minutes was in August so she is stepping up. I was watching last Saturday when she played 60 minutes against Djurgården. It goes in the right direction, says Peter Gerhardsson.

- In the situation she is in now, I think it is better not to risk anything in such a tough tournament. Then of course I hope she bets on the Olympics, he continues.

Sweden goes with 24 players and notifies 23 for each match, which means that one player is over.

The national team has not gathered since November and the 2-3 loss away to the United States.

CLICK: Here are the highlights from USA-Sweden (November 8, 2019)

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Anna Anvegård became a two-goal shooter against the United States. Photo: Photo Agency

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