The three-pointer also means that Skellefteå passed Djurgården in the high-drama battle around the quarterfinals.

The team has found the form properly at the end and after a tiring introduction from both directions it was Skellefteå who took care of the initiative.

While Djurgården teased with the puck and did not find the right with the passes at all, Skellefteå could see himself up to a good attack time and time again.

Lindström did first

1-0 came midway through the opening period through Linus Lindström who scored his third goal this season when the team had a man on the deportation bench. This time he snapped the puck from Djurgården's Dick Axelsson on his own blue line, got free to the goalkeeper Niklas Svedberg and sneaked the puck into the far post.

Djurgården's blur was clearly the match throughout. After eight straight wins, a dipping came in the last round against Malmö, now it was a real bottom button from the Stockholm team.

But also bad luck, as in Skellefteå's 2-0 goal at the end of the opening period.

Djurgårdsbacken Linus Hultström would play the puck along the curb but the referee stood in the way so that it bounced out in front of the goal, right in the gap on Joakim Lindström. His shot Niklas Svedberg managed but failed to return as Adam Pettersson hit the open goal. A pass point to Lindström means that the star of Skellefteå has now reached up to 400 points in SHL.

Burström decided

In the second period Djurgården was more aggressive but a Skellefteå riding a success wave right now had no major problems to play out of the press.

Another home goal came when Niclas Burström dotted a wrist shot in the same second as Djurgården became complete after an expulsion.

The end became more or less a transport route where Skellefteå's extremely effective defense put a stop to all the guests' attempts to get into the match.

Goalkeeper Gustaf Lindvall is also playing brilliantly right now. Zero against Djurgården was his second in a row and continues Lindvall in the same way it can be an exciting spring for his team.