Örebro is one of the weakest teams in SHL. Three points in six matches before the meeting with Färjestad, and the need for points was big for the Narcilla team that slipped to seventh place. But Färjestad also wanted to break a bad trend with seven straight losses away.

In the first period, the home team showed the greatest desperation, creating considerable pressure in the Färjestad zone. And it wasn't entirely illogical when Joona's Rask gave Örebro the lead after seven and a half minutes. It would be the only goal of the period, despite the fact that Örebro had almost open goals on two occasions.

Hot feelings in the second period

Instead, it would be long until the second period before the next goal came in the match. But then it was Färjestad who, after a period where they went east for a receipt, managed to get a puck. But it would take some luck for Jonathon Blum's back shot to get into goal, and that was only after a bounce via home skating. After that there was more focus on gloves on the face than playing hockey, and it really began to appear that it was a rival meeting on the ice.

- I think it is physical play of both teams, but we like it, says Örebro's Robin Salo to C More in the second period break.

Target third

In the third period it would rattle a little more often. First, Örebro took the lead through Daniel Muzito Bagenda, and just three minutes later Michael Latta from close range was able to beat 2-2 after a time of Ferry City press. After that, Färjestad continued to push forwards, but instead of the guests taking the lead, it was Örebro who in a game turn could take the lead when Robin Kovacs took the help of a Färjestads skate and fell to 3-2.

But that lead would not last long either. Not even a minute later, Sebastian Erixon fired a huge cannon straight up the cross that Dominik Furch was without a chance. After that, the audience had to wait a little longer before they could see the next target. But there were no situations missing, and it was thanks to the two goalkeepers that the match eventually went to extension.

"We know we are good going forward"

And there was a massive press from Färjestad, which had many chances to decide. And after a powerplay where they parked in Örebro's zone, Gustav Rydahl was finally able to set the decisive goal after a brilliant preliminary work by points king Marcus Nilsson.

- It is very powerful of us to come back all the time. We know we are good going forward, it is important to have patience, Rydahl tells C More.

Deciding was extra nice for Rydahl, as he was involved in one of Örebro's goals in the third period.

- It was I who put it in the beginning of the third, so it was nice, he says.