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Biathlon LIVE: Les Bleues no longer know how to shoot a target ... Hinz surprise in mind ...


Authors of a catastrophic start, the Blue want to recover on an event they appreciate

Anais Bescond, February 18, 2020 in Rasen-Antholz. - Matthias Schrader / AP / SIPA


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Individual F (15km)

3.13pm : It feels like the title for Hinz. While she's been picking up since the start of the season. The beauty of Nelson sport.,

3:09 pm: What regrets for Justine who has just strung a 10/10, while Hinz signs a 19/20 which should allow him to pass in front of everyone. The chef's surprise, unless Wierer ...

3:07 pm : ROISELAND TAKES THE HEAD !! ! The best skier on the plateau for a week. She passes Oeberg with an 18/20. Didn't say it didn't work.

3:04 pm : Good Justine managed the standing well. 5/5. But even with a perfect end of race it can not hope for better than a top 10. To see if that is enough for it to get the little globe of the specialty.

3:01 p.m. Wierer isn't sovereign either. Second fault already. While Bescond cashed his 6th minute penalty. A beautiful border on the Tour what

2:58 pm : And also a fault for Aymonnier. It's not possible. While the German Vanessa Hinz continues the flawless. Will she grill Oeberg and Roiseland on the line?

2:54 pm: Célia Aymonnier still remains, but I’m not hiding from you that it’s funny soup in my living room. Even my cat is offended at the level of the Blue at these world championships

2:51 p.m . : NAN BUT IT'S A PLEASURE ???? Braisaz completely lost in turn with three balls in the bushes and a crazy time lost. I don't know what to tell you.

Three faults for Justine Braisaz #lequipeBIATHLON

- L'Équipe channel (@lachainelequipe) February 18, 2020

2:48 p.m .: ZZZZZZZZZ ......... J ulia Simon, who throws two balls at one of Hannibal's mummified elephants, choosing the windiest launch pad. Terrible.

Two errors for Julia Simon ... 😔😔😔 #lequipeBIATHLON

- L'Équipe channel (@lachainelequipe) February 18, 2020

2:46 p.m .: Strawberry eckhoff once again. Nanas don't talk about it. Four faults on the first two shots, it will not happen until tomorrow.

2:43 p.m . : Oeberg started the machine. 14/15, if it is not fair on the last shot, it will be the podium assured. Our darling Dorothea Wierer at the start. Yum

2:39 p.m. POah the storm on Makarainen's stand. Her quilt flew from right to left all along. Two faults. As expected, the battlefield will not be beautiful to see

2:35 pm: Bescond already in the very very hard . Two faults and a lot of time wasted in remobilizing so as not to miss the last two balls. The podium already seems a pipe dream.

2.33pm : We may be holding our big odds today. Roiseland, who has already scratched two medals in two races since the start of these Worlds. A quality 5/5. Oeberg also impeccable on the standing

No problems this time in the prone for the world champion! 14/15 for her # antholz2020

- IBU World Cup (@IBU_WC) February 18, 2020

2:29 p.m. Eckhoff also drops a ball. Nothing serious on 15 terminals, there is something to redo on the skis over the length. Especially since it is quite hot and the track is very demanding, if I understand correctly what Alexis Boeuf, the team's consultant, says.

2:25 p.m .: Hanna Oeberg, the reigning Olympic champion, already leaves feathers on the first shot. A fault already. Eckhoff left immediately. Nanas should not delay

2:22 pm : Look at this world in the stands. What would I like to be there (no it's way too cold)

Milena Todorova is a @IBU_Junior medallist from # YJWCH20 and has got a career best in the pursuit. Can she improve once more today?

- IBU World Cup (@IBU_WC) February 18, 2020

2:18 p.m . : Small weather point? The weather is fine in the Italian Alps, but on the other hand a turning turn which risks doing damage to the launch pad according to the timing

2:15 p.m . : GO WE'RE GONE . The French women leave a little later. But Hannah Oeberg is already on the track and will no doubt set a reference time for the favorites

2:14 p.m .: Simon Fourcade's pronouncement to put a little balm in our hearts. Wierer, Braisaz and Oeberg. I sign immediately personal

2:10 pm : Ah, I missed this format offered by L'Equipe TV. Marie Dorin who reads a letter to one of her former teammates before the race. Why not

Justine Braisaz in "The eyes of Marie" 😍 #lequipeBIATHLON

- L'Équipe channel (@lachainelequipe) February 18, 2020

2:05 pm : Hello everyone, we are quietly in place before the longest World Cup event for girls. We will have time to enjoy it, it's good

A number to give you the extent of the damage. Since the beginnings of the world championships of Anterselva, the girls of the France team have been shooting at a tiny 72% of success in shooting, when you have to align an 85% without shaking to have a chance of seeing the podium. However Anaïs Bescond, Julia Simon, or Justine Braisaz have all succeeded in at least one big race this season, which gives hope for a little thinning on Tuesday's Individual. In particular for Brisaz, who likes this format for the long haul, she who leads the pack in the classification of the specialty. So we're going to force ourselves to believe it this time ...

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