Alex Kessidis, Bogdan Kourinnoi and Sofia Mattsson. Three nights in a row, Swedish wrestlers have won the European bronze medal.

Tonight, Friday, the fourth bronze money came on the carpet in Rome.

- I am so pleased with my match and that I managed to perform when it comes to it. That I managed to let the wrestling out on the mat and the feelings outside the mat, says Johanna Lindborg to SVT Sport.

The Russian turned - but Lindborg kept his head cold

She succeeded in victory in the re-qualification to advance to the bronze match, where the Russian Marina Simonjan stood for the resistance.

21-year-old Lindborg, a contestant for Helsingborg, took an early 3-0 lead and looked to control the match.

But Simonjan came back and led by 4-3 after rolling the Swedish. Strengthened by the turn, the Russian went on the offensive again with less than a minute left of the match, but Lindborg managed to get out of a tough leg and had 6-4 at the final signal.

"We cheer for each other, pepper each other"

After a protest from the Russian camp rejected by the judging team, the final score was 7-4 and the fourth straight bronze medal was a fact.

What does it say about the breadth in Swedish wrestling?

- We have a fantastic cohesion for both boys and girls. We cheer for each other, pepper each other and are like a great team. Both coaches, leaders and activists from young to old. I think that is the key to the success here at the European Championships.