Lisa Vittozzi and Dorothea Wierer are by far the strongest shining stars for Italy in this year's World Cup. Wierer has fared better in the World Cup and is parked in second place in the overall Cup, 53 points ahead of Swedish star Hanna Öberg. Countryman Lisa Vittozzi ranks tenth in the overall World Cup but has two individual first places behind her.

"We are not friends"

Today, the two stars are the backbone of the Italian team that sets up the mixed relay together with the two gentlemen Domink Windisch and Lukas Hofer. But the mood of the two biathlon between them could be better.

- We're not friends. We are teammates and respect each other, says Vittozzi to NRK.

Wierer, however, does not seem to agree with the teammate.

"Yes, we are friends, and teammates," Wierer says.

Cool atmosphere at the press conference

According to NRK, there was a chilly atmosphere between the two Italians at the press conference ahead of the World Cup and the relationship seems to have been a thorn in connection with last year's World Cup relay in Östersund. A relay where Dorothea Wierer did not put up something that was not appreciated by Lisa Vittozzi.

- I am no longer cold towards her but sporting is something I had not done. Me and she (Dorothea Wierer, ed. Note) have two opposite personalities and then you do not always get along, Vittozzi told Italian Messaggero Veneto about a week ago.

Wierer himself thinks that timing on the colleague's statement could have been better.

- It's very stupid, but I don't think about it. Of course, I was a little annoyed that she said this and I don't quite know what she has in mind about this right now, Wierer tells NRK.

"We are more like a family"

Despite the frosty relationship, at least they agree on one thing: The conflict will not affect the results of the upcoming championship.

- For me, team building is very important. I grew up with relays and took my first medal there. I think I have a very good relationship with everyone in the team. A few times you struggle a bit, but it is normal when you are together all year. We are more like a family, says Dorothea Wierer.

Lisa Vittozzi states that a good atmosphere in the team is not always required for success.

- We have a stable team and we have shown that for many years. In all sports there are rivals and not everyone can win, so you do not always agree.

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World set Dorothea Wierer's struggling way back: "Be so tired"