The four clubs, represented by Emirati football in the AFC Champions League this season, failed to achieve a positive result in the first round of competitions, as it scored an orphan and two goals, while it received eight goals, to keep away from the continent's clubs.

The youth of Al-Ahly lost to Uzbekistan's Pakhtakor in Tashkent 1-2, Sharjah in front of its guest, Saudi Cooperation, with a free goal, and Al-Ain in front of its Iranian guest Sepahhan Isfahan with a clean quadrant, while unity with Saudi Al-Ahly tied 1-1.

The Al-Ahly youth are considered the only team that may have a justified excuse for the loss, due to the poor pitch and flooded it with heavy rainwater that fell in Tashkent, at a time when the losses of Al-Ain and Sharjah were not acceptable, while Al-Wahda tied in the last minute at home against Al-Ahly, which is an indication Negatively to the ability of Emirati clubs to compete in the continental championship.

There were many reasons for failure in the first round, most notably the suffering of the teams in the defense side, which affected a lot in the results due to the lack of a strong defense system, which caused the reception of goals in bulk, and unlike the known Asian causes when losing every year, a new reason has appeared that has emerged significantly this season , Is that the resident player is in the Arab Gulf League, but he is not present in the AFC Champions League.

For his part, former national team player Salem Hadid told Emirates Today: “The reasons for the failure of our teams in the AFC Champions League are many, but there is still hope if these matters are dealt with well in the coming period. Most of the players of the participating teams do not have sufficient experience. Playing a match every three days, which is what happened in the league and then the players organized in the Asian matches, in addition to the coaches ’mistake in not rotating the players and giving the opportunity to the alternative players to be present in the matches, relying on the same group with simple changes that did not achieve ambition, one player is absent in Sharjah , Brazilian Igor, the tide didn't work Lord in his compensation, and upon substitution he contracted a midfielder as a substitute for the outright striker, and in return he missed the cooperation of 10 players, but he managed to compensate and win ».

He added: «The weak league does not produce strong teams, and the four teams do not go well in the competition in the league title, and it is natural that this will be reflected on the AFC Champions League, in addition to an important issue is the presence of three players who may be with the teams in the league championship in the main squad or An important alternative but not found in the AFC Champions League, and talking here about resident players who are approved in the league and are not approved in the AFC Champions League, in addition to the Asian foreign player who was contracted to play the AFC Champions League only, and certainly this is difficult for teams and players » .

Reasons for the loss of Emirati football representatives in the first round of the Champions League


1- The absence of the playmaker.

2- (3 defensive midfielders).

3- The absence of the scorer.

Ahly youth

1- Bad weather conditions.

2- There are no alternatives.

3- Defensive errors.


1- The low level of foreign players.

2- The weakness of the defense system.

3- Relying on Al Ahbabi and the right side only.


1- Stress the players.

2- Defensive mistakes.

3- Weak attacking effectiveness.

Salem Hadid:

"Most of the players in the participating teams do not have enough experience playing a game every three days."

"A weak league does not produce strong teams, and the four teams do not perform well in our league."