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Tottenham player Dele Alli has apologized on the networks for a coronavirus joke on Snapchat, "It's not something we should laugh at," he said. The British Football Federation (FA) has launched an investigation into the joke, according to British media.

In this video published on Snapchat on Saturday, the player's face was blocked by a protective mask and a message was displayed: "Corona what, turn up the volume". Followed by a video where he zoomed in on an Asian man, then the photo of a bottle of antiseptic, with the message "This virus will have to be faster than that to catch me".

The virus has killed 900 people in China

Faced with outraged reactions, the video was deleted, prompting the player to express himself: "I want to apologize for this video," he said on the Chinese social network Weibo on Sunday. The coronavirus, which has killed more than 900 people in mainland China and infected more than 40,000 people, "is not something to be laughed at," he said.

British media reports claim that the FA asked the player to explain himself on this video. Dele Alli, 23, risks a suspension or a fine, the FA supervising the publications of professional players on social networks.


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